What to do with extra pieces of ginger

I use fresh ginger every morning in my chai. I crush it in the brass mortar and pestle I brought back from India. It was the heaviest and most expensive thing that I bought there. Yet, nonetheless, I carried it in my backpack, along with the rest of my life, for almost six months. The heat mixed with the dirt dug into my sun burnt shoulders but I have nothing but gratitude for it. When the pestle hits the walls of the mortar, it sends shivers that sing up my arms and to my ears. Now home the the smell of fresh ginger in the morning awakes my senses and reminds me of the roads that I have traveled to get here.

When I cook and I end up with a small piece of ginger.  I grate it and put it into a mason jar with coconut milk. Allow this marinate over night in the fridge and the next morning.

You will be so happy you did not waste that little piece of ginger.  Wow! The flavors are something to be savored. I like to put it in my coffee or tea and add it to my cereal. This morning I was in the chocolate kinda mood and poured it over an (gluten free) chocolate muffin with chopped peaches, from the farmer’s market, and sprinkled with Cardamom powder. Fantastic!!

Which spice reminds you of a favorite moment in time?


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