What is a Mantra and Why do we use it?

When you change your inner world, your outer world will change too!

What is a Mantra?

Words hold an energetic frequency. Hateful words can change an environment. Loving words can change the world. A series of words can change your mindset and the way we look out into the world. This is a Mantra. A series of words that are usually gifted to you by a Guru. These words are for you and you alone. Plucked from God’s lips to your ears. It is said that if you speak them to someone else they could lose their power and meaning. They are for the betterment of you.

My mantra was given to me Mata Amritanandamayi -Amma almost a decade ago. I sat with thousands of devotees for hours with a chance to receive a holy hug from her. Darshan goes until six in the morning, we meditated and prayed all night.When it is my turn I kneel in front of Amma. I am anxious about what will come and worried about what she will see inside of me. She reaches her arms out to me. I scoot forward into her embrace. Her large arms squeeze my shoulders, pressing me into her bosom like how my grandmother used to hug me when she was alive and I was just a little kid.

She rocks me back and forth and whispers, “Ahum akmani namaha” — from God’s lips to my ears — ”In the name of God I bow”. Her words are warm and potent. Although carrying jagged little edges, that cut through my ears and landed in my lungs. Such Godly words create rapturous tears. My body shakes and then collapses onto itself. She kisses my cheek, holds my hand to stand up, and releases me to her assistant to walk off the stage.

Why do we use a Mantra?

A Mantra is used to refocus one’s thoughts on God. Let’s say you are obsessing over something that you cannot change. Or something that makes you feel less than Godly. Let’s say your thoughts are running away with you and you are starting to create scenarios in your mind that are not true. This happens to the best of us. The mind is designed to create a solution to problems. When we do not know how something will end the thoughts will ruminate until a conclusion is reached. This is what we call “the monkey mind”, “chitta”, or “mind chatter”. This is not beneficial because we have no reality to bind the story in truth, just our imaginations, which we all know can run wild.

A Mantra is meant to bring us back to balance. It is meant to fill the spaces in our minds when our imagination craves to create an event or remember a situation, in which a flood of neurochemicals recreates a feeling to which we can get addicted. This is not beneficial.

When should I say my Mantra?

A Mantra should be silently repeated when performing mundane tasks such as washing the dishes, taking a shower, or driving to work. It can be a way of kicking negative and unproductive thoughts out of the mind. It can be a way of resetting a looping thought pattern.

Think of a Mantra as a tool to switch your brain from negative to positive. At first, you may hate it. This is reasonable. As Humans, we become addicted to certain hormones and neurochemicals that the brain releases when we think certain thoughts. But as all humans come to realize an addiction to anything is never good.

How do I get a Mantra?

Most will travel into the depths of the south Asian jungles to meet a spiritual teacher that speaks to God. Others can sit with nature, as the Ancient Sadus did, until the universe whispers it into their ears. Some will read it in a book or catch a phrase that makes them feel completely content and happy. Whichever phrase you decide to use as your anchor to happiness make sure that it is free of preconceived notions or communal energy. Make sure, that when you say it, it makes your cells tingle and your smile appear. Make sure it is something that you can remember and that rolls off your lips with ease. Your natural state of being is to be happy. This is one of many tools that can help you get there.

Speak your Mantra. Let go of the rest. Smile. Be happy. It is your divine right.



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