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The southern winds blow fierce in hopes for springs, budding trees, and lots of pollen this time of the year. Winter dissolves and the wind swirls the air smacking us in the face. It's almost spring and even if you don't have diagnosed allergies you still are probably suffering from the start of this season.

The springtime is Vata time. Cold, light, airy. It's also a time for creativity and wild dreams to come to fruition. As the kapha winter season melts stagnant and cold, this transition can be tricky. Today's Wellness Wednesday we address the somatic experience that lies in the head at this time of year. The connection of what your body is telling you about your life experiences and how we can balance it all.

I recommend the following for sinuses, headaches, and over thinkers:

Food: Because we are breaking up the effects of winter and draining into spring. Also, keep in mind that we want to stay grounded as those winds try to overtake us. I recommend hearty spicy stews. Grounding chai with ginger, black peppercorns, black tea, nutmeg, and whole milk (or full-fat coconut cream), and warm beer or mead. If you eat meat choose lamb, turkey, or beef. Sourdough bread dipped in blended red kidney beans with extra virgin olive oil.

Tea: CCF Tea

When it comes to your digestive system, this tea is a game changer. A combination of three classic culinary spices—cumin, coriander, and fennel—this tea aids in the absorption of nutrients and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Love: Pay attention to your dreams. The wind is trying to tell you something. Pay attention to your instinctual artistic ways and find opportunities to sit down to that vision board you have been think about doing for a while. Write to-do lists to get everything out of your head and on paper. Clear your mind and put stones in your pockets. Grant yourself the gift of short meditations to recenter yourself.


  • Cobra pose Lay face down on your belly. Forehead on the floor. Tops of the toes touching the ground. Take 3 deep breaths. Breathing into the back body. When done place the palm of the hands on the ground directly below the shoulders. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale push into your hands and push up. Stretch the chin up towards the ceiling. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Arch your back and broaden your chest. Stay as long as it feels good to you and when you are ready to come back down. rest on your belly forehead on the ground.

  • Legs up the wall Get down on the ground. Scoot your hips as close to the wall as possible. Lie on your back and flip your straight legs up the wall. Arms are straight down by your sides. lengthen your spine, making space between your ears and your shoulders. Lay here as long as it feels good. When you would like to come down either scoot back until the entire body is lying flat on the floor or bend your knees, roll to one side, and sit up.

Health: Apply ghee up your nose 2-3x a day. Give yourself a massage with warm toasted sesame seed oil. Wrap your neck in a scarf. The neck in Chinese medicine is the "wind gate" they believe that the wind will bring sickness and disease. So wrap your neck up.

  • For the over thinkers place ghee or sesame seed oil on the fingertips. Place the thumb under the bottom jaw bone and the rest of the fingers on the top of it. Start at the chin with both hands and gently put pressure against each part of the lower jaw. Follow it across until you get to the earlobes. With your pointy and middle finger massage the indentation where your jaw bone connects. Open your mouth slightly and relax those muscles. When finished slide your fingers up over your ears, behind your ears, and down the sides of the neck in one motion. Reach behind your neck. Palms grip the neck, one hand on top and the other below. rub in and out across the back of the neck.

  • For sinuses Using oiled gently press the fingers into the skin and trace the mid line of your face down. Do this three times. Then place your pointy finger over each ear drum. Then move up about two inches. Massage the line that goes from your ear, up over your head in a line until you get to the top of the head. This can be done as much as feels good. Finally gently massage and tap underneath the collar bone. Starting at the middle of the chest and moving out towards the shoulders.

Remember when we move from winter to spring we must warm and break up the stagnation. Think about draining, flushing out, spring cleaning.

  • For Headaches: rub a few drops of lavender essential oils on your temples. Place warmed chamomile tea bags over your eyes for 10 mins. Drink lots of water. Some will say that water has a better effect then Tylenol.

Energetic Medicine: Homeopathy

Post nasal drip: Hydrastis Canadensis 30c


1. Belladonna (Nightshade)

Belladonna is used for right-sided headaches with violent throbbing pains that begin on the back of the head and extend to the right eye or forehead. The throbbing pain feels like the head is going to burst. The skin feels hot, the face is flushed, and feet are cold. The person also feels like lying down in a quiet, dark room. They are also very sensitive to noise, touch, light, and strong or unusual smells.

2. Bryonia (White Bryony)

Bryonia is used for pain in the forehead or left eye that extends throughout the entire head. Symptoms worsen from any sort of movement, and feel better from stillness and pressure. Accompanying symptoms will include constipation, nausea, vomiting, great thirst, irritability, and the need to be alone.

3. Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine)

Gelsemium is considered for a dull, heavy pain that is localized or at the right side of the head or back of the neck that may spread like a tight band around the head. The person also feels dizzy, tired, and may have blurry vision. Urination will improve headaches. The person is not very irritable, but also likes to be left alone.

4. Iris Versicolor (Blue Flag)

Iris versicolor is used for right-sided migraines that feel like the person’s head is constricted. The migraines recur periodically, and may happen on certain days of stress. Other symptoms include blurry vision, vomiting, and nausea. Movement and open air will improve symptoms; however, symptoms appear worse from lying down, at night, and on Sundays.

5. Ignatia (St. Ignatius Bean)

Ignatia is often used for headaches associated with back or neck spasms. It will also feel like a nail has been driven into the head. Ignatia is often given for headaches triggered from trauma or emotional grief.

6. Sanguinaria (Bloodroot)

Sanguinaria is the remedy of choice for headaches that begin at the right side of the shoulder or neck, before radiating to the right eye. The headache may be triggered from the sun, not eating, menopause, nasal blockage, or heartburn. Headaches will recur weekly, along with flushing, heat, burning, and red cheeks. The person experiences relief from vomiting; however, symptoms worsen from noise, sun, or during the day.

7. Nux Vomica (Quaker’s Buttons)

Nux vomica is used for headaches caused by stress, bad reactions to food, and overwork. Alcohol or food allergies may trigger symptoms. Other symptoms include nausea, stomachaches, constipation, lightheadedness, and irritability that worsen from light, noise, and opening the eyes. The headache is often relieved with cold applications.

8. Spigella (Wormgrass)

Spigella is often prescribed for a sharp, burning, stitching headache at the left eye. A headache with a stiff neck and shoulders make movement very painful. Symptoms will also worsen from noise, cold weather, or any jarring, and they improve from lying with the head propped up, heat, or hot bathing.

9. Pulsatilla (Wild Flower)

Pulsatilla is a helpful remedy for headaches that occur around the menstrual cycle. The location of the headache will also change rapidly, and symptoms worsen from stuffy rooms or heat. Things will usually improve from open air.

10. Lycopodium (Club Moss)

Right-sided headaches in the temple or forehead area will call for lycopodium. Symptoms often worsen from being over-heated, going too long without eating, or between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Over thinking:

  1. Stramonium 30

  2. Arsenic album 30 -Anxiety with extreme restlessness, overthinking with several thoughts crowding the mind, a fear of death, trembling, cold sweat, and facial flushing

  3. Aconite 200 -It is a highly recommended medicine for cases of nervousness , anxiety, panic attacks. Anxiety, fear of death and restlessness are key indications for using it.

  4. Kali phos 6x -It is a great medicine for nervousness, anxiety when arising along with sadness. Restlessness and trembling of the hands occur with this. There is also negative thinking where people view the dark side of everything.

  5. Argentum nitricum 30 – for anticipatory anxiety, The person tends to think constantly about the event until the final day

For all those that are waiting for the cold stagnation of winter to drain in to spring this Wednesday Wellness is for you.


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