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Listen! Do you hear it? The sounds that surround the silence? The thumping of your heart? The soft breath of your lover sleeping next to you? The wind that shakes off the last brittle leaf that hangs on to its limb? What do you hear?

Thousands of years ago, sadus sat in a forest listening to the sounds of the universe. They concluded that the world around them was saying AUM. It was the sound of the beginning, middle, and end of all things. It was the compilation of everything that is being born, sustained, and dying at once in the universe. It is also believed to be the healing frequency for all things. When one speaks or listen to AUM (OM) the body vibrates in such a frequency that it can heal itself.

When one is experiencing issues with their ears. Ear infections, ringing in the ears, boils behind the ear then this is because they are having a resistance to hearing what is around them. Maybe a child that is born into a family where there is a lot of fighting, this child is prone to ear infections. The connection of psychoneuroimmunology to so great that they mind directly talks to the body and vice versa. They are one in the same. The mind will send signals to the body to erupt in such fire dis-eases that such illnesses will present themselves.

So what can we do?

Ringing in the ears:

This can be brought on by many different traumas or experiences. Most believe that it is connected to the central nervous system. It is believed that by relaxing the central nervous system through such things as meditation can help.

Other remedies are helichrysum essential oil in the ears. Also, a visit to the ear doctor can determine if the small bones surrounding the ear drum have been misplaced.

If you have a ringing in the ear please refrain from overly processes foods, alcohol, nicotine, and stress as much as possible.


Bhamari Pranayama (Honey Bee Breathing)

1. Sit in a comfortable asana like Padmasana or Sukhasana. 2. Bend the knees, resting them by the side of the ears. 3. Close the ears with the palms with the thumbs facing down towards the shoulders. 4. Press the heels of the palms on the temple. 5. Inhale deeply; then exhale softly with humming sound like the murmuring of the bee. 6. Repeat this for about 5 minutes to vibrate the eardrum.

Benefit: The eardrum transmits sound from the air to the ossicles inside the middle ear, and then to the oval window in the fluid-filled cochlea (auditory portion of the inner ear). Hence, it ultimately converts and amplifies vibration in air to vibration in fluid.

Ear Infections:

A traditional irish home remedy is to cut a white onion in half. Place it in the toaster oven for at least 15 minutes. Take it out and wrap it in a cheese cloth. Make sure that it is cool enough to touch the skin but still warm enough to absorb the infection. Place over the ear for as long as is possible. Onions absorbs everything around them. This is why once they are cut you must place them in a plastic baggie and store them back in the fridge by themselves. Or, you can cut them up in a bowl and place them by the bed of a person that is sick to absorb the sickness.

You can soak crushed garlic cloves in organic extra virgin olive oil. When the ear infection arises place a small amount over a very low flame and gently warm it up. This garlic oil can go right in the ear.

Another at-home remedy is a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. Allow it to stay in the ear drum for as long as possible. You will see white bubbles come up as it breaks apart the infection. It will be cold and tingle but the effects are worth it. When the bubbles have stopped popping you can roll over onto a paper towel and let the peroxide to drain out.

If you have an ear infection please refrain from eating salty foods, added processed sugars, and alcohol.


Makarasana (Corcodile Pose)

1. Lie down on the stomach. 2. Bend the right leg knee to the right side with the hip and foot turned outwards, while keeping the left leg straight. . 3. Place the right palm down on the floor supporting the head and turn the face to the left. 4. Bend the left elbow and position it slightly away from the left shoulder. 5. The right ear rests on the right hand. Maintain the pose with normal breathing for about 2-3 minutes. 6. Repeat the same on the other side.

Benefit : This pose provides an overall relaxation to the body, especially if there is an acute pain in the ear. It will balance the both the ear, relieves a block in the ear and remove any water or fluid from the ear.

To all those who are trying to savor the sound of song birds this one is for you.




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