Wednesday Wellness: The Human Experience

Can you remember who you are?

There was a brief moment this morning. It was right between coming out of my dream state and waking up to my reality. That I remembered who I was. It was a feeling of a true sense of self, a flash of light, a smile that came across my face, the best feeling, that I was doing exactly what I came to this earth to do.

Let me explain; for the last few months, I have been a little down on myself. I guess I have been the classical definition of depressed. This happens to us humans, right? External influences, expectations, or opinions of how one should be gets stuck in our cells. Other humans vibrations intermingle and push their way into our vibrations to stir everything up. It makes us think or believe that we are not being or doing this life right. That internal pull, of what we are doing and what others believe we should be doing, starts to distort our reality and depression can occur.

I could make excuses for what I was experiencing. My mother passed away suddenly, there is division and uncertainty in the world, I have gain a few pounds more then I usual carry, I moved across the country; away from the city I once loved, I have lost a lot of friends over a difference of beliefs, I no longer get to go to my writer's group or out dancing like I used to. Everything has turned inside out and it feels "off" in my body. There is a scientific reasoning for this. My mind will say "well this is different. I don't like this feeling." Then send neurochemicals to my cells, which then sends a signal back to my brain, that these experiences should be labeled as "bad" or "depressing". If we step back, remove ourselves from the internal picture we might be able to identify these aspects of these days as just another aspect of life's experiences.

I, under human programming and conditioning, place a negative connotation on them because within my software of this life I am being reminded that these are sad or bad things. Lately, I have had people in my life get down on me, making me feel as if i didn't succeed in this life. Sure I've never been one to "stick" to one thing. I've never been one that choose a passion and work at it day in and day out for a specific career. But what I remembered this morning was that it's ok to live a life that no one understands. The facts are that I am 45, single, and without a "career". This is not typical of our society but I hold a deep sense of belief that this is okay.

In the depths of my darkness, I reached out to a true friend, that reminded me of the incredible life I have lived thus far. She is right. I have experienced so much and I have so much more to touch, feel, taste, smell, and understand. I am forever grateful to her for lifting me up and reminding me of who I am and what I came to this earth to experience. I even wrote and published a book about my life. A inspirational memoir of these beautiful experiences.

I am extremely empathic, and with this comes a flood of external energy. Before I knew how to compartmentalize these external feelings; I used to believe that I would have to adjust myself to make the people around me feel secure. As I grew up, and with all the study that I have been blessed to absorb, I shifted that belief to instead of making myself feel small to fit in their world that I would become a leader to help others expand into the world that I have been blessed to experience. I dove head first into the roll of reaching for the stars and living a life that made me feel free. I became the kind of person that experiences, absorbs, feels, and learns everything I can get my hands on. I have traveled, loved, tasted, felt, and learned everything I possibly could in this life. Of course, I have carried the same theme of interests through this life. Curating all experiences with the theme of mind and body understanding of health and this human experience. I have discovered that my role in this life is to help others find the same path. A path in which they can live a life that feels free to them. With all that said, because we are humans, and because there are so many energies hitting us from all sides, it can be hard to remember. It is my hardest practice but I practice it because I know that it is the real reason I am here.

If you are one that believes that the stars can be a road map to our best future selves. Or you are one that pulls a tarot card before leaving the house, or listens to such great profits such as Dolores Cannon or Alan Watts. You will know that they remind us that we are high vibrational, multi dimensional, eternal, spiritual being temporarily incarnated in this physical being, having a human experience. Dolores Cannon says that we come to earth to learn how to manipulate energy and fully embody the human experience. The trick is that once we get here we forget who were once were.

If you take away the money, which is just a manipulation of energy, what would you do? How would you spend your days? What would you want to experience? What would you like to touch? taste? see? hear? smell? and learn? If you know the answer but feel as if there is a reason as to why you cannot do it. If you feel the energy blockage preventing you from fully experiencing this life then I may have an answer. Because I have experienced it all. I have walked through the fire and come out the other side. I have fully felt the blockages and found the strength to push through them. And, in combination with my wealth of knowledge, the understanding of the human experience and neuroscience (how the mind is designed to block you from doing such experiences to keep you safe) I have designed a class that can help you traverse just living day to day to living in your full human experience.

If this speaks to you. If the energies are aligned as you read this post. Then it is meant to be. Join me for my 7-day confidence and clarity challenge. Sign up below

Peace and gratitude for every day that challenges us to remember who we really are and what we are really here to experience,


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