Wednesday Wellness: Teeth part 2

Can a butterfly flap its wings and create a tsunami around the world?

As many of your know, I am obsessed with the energy connectors of the body, and the superhighway of information in our world. This is the basis of Ayurveda. That mear fact that we are microcosms in a macrocosm. Everything that is inside of us is in the universe. We are energy and with that, we have antennas that extend into the macrocosm to transmit frequencies. Our thoughts can create worlds, attract matter, and heal the body. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

What can your teeth tell you about your health?

Imagine a superhighway of over 80,000 Nadis "Rivers of energy" running through the body. These Nadis transmit signals, blood flow, hormones, oxygen, nutrients, and yes unfortunately disease or disruption in the body. I urge you to look at your teeth before going to a doctor. It can tell you a lot about what is going on with your health.


Peace in health,


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