Tune out, Tap in, and Turn on

Universal Consciousness

“Like a wave on the ocean, it has its own form, but is still riding the waters of Universal Consciousness”

There have been many instances, in my teaching career, when I find myself standing across the room watching in admiration at what I am teaching. There I am, softly, soaking in the knowledge and encouragement that leaps off the bright spirit, that oddly looks like me. Yet there she stands leading this class into a pursuit of bliss. I am humbled when I remember that it is not me, in fact, it is everything, everyone, all my teachers and all the spirits flowing through me. The ego centric human form of me, in this moment, has found a way to tune into the universe. An infinite light floods her soul and has no choice but to spill out into the studio. It is this moment that I am left tingling from head to toe. It is in this moment that everything makes sense. It is this moment that there is not a doubt in my mind, that what I am doing, is exactly what I was intended to do. I have found the vibration that aligns me within my universe. When I teach, that energy flows from my heart and I am effortlessly able to let go of anything that might be holding me back. I have found my ability to tap into my collective consciousness.

Erich Schiffmann, is a seasoned Yoga Master and leader on Hive Mind Thought. I had the pleasure of studying with him a few years ago. He teaches to listen to the wisdom of the universe, while discovering where it comes from within us. He encourages his students to follow the signs in the universe and accept what it puts in front of us. He believes that when we think less, and let go, then this creates a path for knowledge to flow in. He uses the example of standing at a market, in front of the apples, just stand there, don’t think about anything. Look at the apples, one, eventually, will appear brighter than the rest. He concludes that this is the one that The Collective Conscious has picked especially for us. Within this freedom we can gain confidence for a path of least resistance. We can discover all the pleasures that life has intended for us.

Dr. Amit Godswami, PhD is a theoretical nuclear physicist and the founder of The International Quantum University. In one of his many theories he concluded that if we, as a Collective Conscious, can find ways to tune out of distractions such as background noise, social media, and self doubt and furthermore, if we can learn to trust ourselves and listen into the silence, then we could tap into our Collective Conscious. The fact is that we are light beings, connected by consciousness. Once we have accepted this ability then there would be, what he explains, as “heaven on earth”. He continues to theorize that we are all Gods with infinite light and love streaming through us.

A.G Mohan was a long time student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, he is now a Yoga Teacher, Author, and co-founder of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda in India. I had the pleasure of studying Ayurveda and its effects on relieving anxiety with his son Dr. Ganesh Mohan. It is without doubt that Dr. Mohan would share the teachings of his father. A.G. Mohan’s meditational basis is built upon the idea that our thoughts are like droplets of water. They drip and they drop, until they flood our minds like a rushing river of thought. The Mohan’s stress the importance of finding our way out of the river and to a comfortable seat on the river’s bank. The “thought drops” do not stop and will continue to be collected in the river. When we are able to sit on the metaphorical river’s bank, the thoughts will simply float away. Dr. Ganesh shares this teaching because when we are stuck in the “river” of our own thoughts we are unable to listen to the thoughts of the universe. This can create an overwhelming sensation of stress and anxiety. When we cannot see beyond our contained reality, then we can end up feeling disconnected, when we are disconnected it is harder to find the answers in which we seek.

The study of Ayurveda teaches us that we are connected to everything. That which is outside of us, is within us. It is a 4,000-year-old healing modality in which we learn that we are micro universes energetically connected to other universes, within universes. We, as humans, are sensitive energetic beings. When we learn to tap into the world around us, then we can be connected to all the energy that wants to flow through us. We are conduits, flooded with warm golden light, of all that feels exactly right. Unfortunately, we are not always taught how to handle these feelings of power, confidence, strength and contentedness. And more so over when we do not know how to live within these energies we find way of ignoring, desensitizing and disconnecting from our universes. This, also, can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, lack of self confidence and much more.

Yoga means to “Yolk or to bind together”. It is most commonly explained as “to link” body and breath. Most yoga practices teach an asana practice as one breath for each movement. During my travels through India I was fortunate to find the system of Tantra, in which I now teach a practice where our breath will take us through your practices on the mat and therefore extending out into our lives. Any practice where breath is acknowledged is yoga. To breathe or to inhale is derived from the Latin word inspiration, a noun of action “to breathe upon”, from this came ‘inspiration’ and to ‘inspire’, within inspiration comes spirit. Our breath is our spirit in which to inspire.

Over the last decade I have studied with countless health practitioners and yoga masters that have all taught the same thing. Pleasure is bliss and thus bliss is attainable. I believe that knowing our breath is bliss. That pleasure is the by-product of doing things that come with ease and that make you feel good. I believe that inspiration is everything. I teach that the acknowledgement to this connection is the moment when we are able to pull ourselves out of our rivers. When we are able to start walking a path of least resistance, the path that will allow us to have pleasure and thus bliss, then we will be ready to absorb the knowledge that our universes have been waiting to provide for us. I teach that pure bliss is this moment, right now, when we realize that we are connected.

My daily practice is to stand in a place where there is no resistance, a place where the river simply flows, where the right choice glows and where there is no self doubt. I practice to live in a consciousness where we inspire those around us and raise our collective consciousness to a level where heaven can exist on earth. Once we all start to realize this we can then start to tune out of what is not serving us, tap in communities and consciousness that are providing us with pleasure, and turn on everything your heart desires. It is the ease that flows within us, the love that surrounds us and our connection to it all that will be our salvation.


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