The Energy of Alchemy

Except from my upcoming cookbook: Kitchen Witchery

"Magic is often explained as a supernatural source or extraordinary power that is enchanted by a bewitched person with the use of spells or incantations. I disagree. I believe that there is nothing supernatural about magic but yet the perception of our social constructs that makes us forget that we are all, in fact, magical.

Those who practice magic have been casted out of society for hundreds of years. Those who fear the power of the connection with Earth's energies have labeled it lunacy to practice such things. It is their innate inability to comprehend such God given power that creates fear in them. For example in the early 1900s there were more homoeopathic schools than any other university in the United States. It was the misunderstanding of the energies of homeopathy that made people want to shut it down. It took the financial backing of Rockefeller and the Rothschilds to fund and start the American Medical Association. This association was built to spread the "faith" of science in the practice of medicine. In doing this they severed human’s participation and connection to the world. They removed the responsibility of knowing our land and the medicinal properties that God has provided. They deafened the knowing that magic immerses us inside of it and it inside of us. Instead they preached a word of science. Science is faith. One must simply believe and trust that only scientists can understand healing. And thus, the people, who once healed themselves, now will have to pay for others to heal them. Handing over the keys to the kingdom and stepping back from self empowerment. Due to this event kitchen witchery went underground and the word of The American Medical Journal was king."

The knowledge and ability to heal oneself from our local terrain is a blessing. These are forgotten skills in which we must reacquaint ourselves. Learning how to make tinctures, healing salves, infused oils, and teas will empower you with self sufficiency and heal you if the time ever comes where you will need that.

I have spent a lifetime as an alchemist and healer. A few months ago during a water fast, and while I was praying for my next mission in this life, God spoke to me. I heard my guiding voice say clear as day to teach those who want to learn about plant medicine. When God speaks ones should listen. After months of preperation I am proud to announce that THE ALCHEMY EXPERIENCE SUBSCRIPTION BOXES are available! These monthly boxes will be shipped to your door with organic and wild harvested ingredients, full instructions, and custom labels. Cancel anytime. Learn, create, and step into the full experience of becoming comfortable with alchemy.

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