The Best Adult Mac and Cheese

Sometimes you just want a little more then what comes in the box. Ask anyone that has ever eaten my food and they will tell you that i always go extra. I am always pushing the flavor boundaries. I fully embody being a spice queen. This upgrade of mac and cheese is my best creation yet.

Make mac and cheese as you always would but then add in a few dashes of cumin, a lot of freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of ajuian seeds (celery seeds), 1t of Asafoetida (ayurvedic herb that taste like onion and garlic), grass fed butter, infused garlic oil, 1/4c tahini and pink sea salt. Optional: top with chopped parsley.

Stir, serve, and enjoy

To those of you that are bored with the regular and who crave to spice things up....this one is for you.

Also, what is your favorite way to eat mac and cheese. Comment below I would love to hear about how you spice up your dinners.


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