The Authentic Self: Who are you?

Namaste: “My God honors the God inside you”

So the question stands: Do you honor the God inside of you?

In 2015, I was traveling through India. I was in my 5th month of hot and dirty solo traveling when I wanted nothing more than to rest. I wanted a moment where I could let my guard down and just take a breath. I stumbled into a Traditional Tantra Ashram nestled behind Turtle Beach on the coast of Canacona. This was a decision that would change my life. Traditional Tantra Yoga is based on the practice of stripping away the limiting thoughts of the conscious mind and sinking into the true reality of one's subconscious self. See it is here, in the subconscious, that we can access our link to the Divine reality. It’s really hard work but isn’t everything that is enlightening?

I stayed here for months and honestly, for a majority of the time I hated it! After 200 hours of yoga and a lot of self-study, I realized that I only hated it because it was pushing against the grain of my ego and my nature up until this point. One day I gave in. It was a particularly hot day and pushing through the 120-degree heat and 100 percent humidity was too much. I let go and did the work. I pushed into the wheel pose and had a vision. The voice came from within me. It activated all of my cells. It said, “I am here to coach and teach!” As I slowly lowered down to the hot concrete floor of the Shala practice space my conscious mind kicked in. It poked at me with questions such as “who are you to coach?”, “what if no one listens?”, and “what if you are bad at it?”. I rolled over and pushed up into Cobra, the southern Indian sun beat down on my chest, I took another deep breath and the vision came back with whispers of “You are a coach. You are a teacher. This is your calling. You will help others find their calling as well” I took another deep breath and pushed deeper into the palms of my hands laced with beads of sweat that has rolled down from my shoulders. Another deep breath and I smiled.

When we connect with our subconscious selves, in a space where there is no ego, no limiting conscious beliefs, then we are able to hear God (or The Divine). And, who are we to dismiss the word of God? Messages from The Divine are most often obtained when we meditate. In meditation, we are able to let go of the physical self, quiet the ego, and create space to listen to our God. I believe that we are all God's, we just have to practice listening. This is when the answers to all questions will come.

I wrote an article for Elephant Journal titled: “6 tools to discover whether you’re living from your head or your heart” In this article I write about how to discover if one is living from the head (ego and conscious thought) or the heart (subconscious self). As explained above-I found my calling on top of the rooftop practice space in India-that is my calling, in this lifetime, to help people understand where they are living and teaching. I support them as they make the change to listening to one’s Divine calling which resides in the heart. Our beautiful minds are designed to give us what we want in this life. It is of the utmost importance to know exactly what one wants before the universe can gift it. This includes having a deep subconscious knowing, being able to feel it in one’s bones-without a fraction of a doubt- and visualizing every detail is the trick.

Take out a piece of paper. Write down one goal. Is it a specific quality of partner that you want in your life? Is it a life event that you want to create? Is it a specific position at work? Is it your dream home? Is it your lifestyle? Is it the way that you relate to others? Whatever it is-pick one and write it down.

Visualizing it in your mind’s eye and repeatedly telling yourself what you want, then the mind will make it so. I interviewed my friends that made drastic changes in their lives and they all said the same thing. “No one believed I could do it. From the outside, it looked as if I didn’t have the money, or the ability to pull it off. But I believed in myself. I could feel it in my soul that it was going to happen. I blocked out external influences, ignored those who were against changing, put my head down, worked non stop, and only thought of the moment I would be able to leap and land in the life that I had always dreamt.”

My question to you is do you really know what you want? Do you know it so well that you can taste, smell and feel it? And if you don’t know, then how can you figure it out? I have now created a workshop that incorporates all the knowledge that I have obtained over the years. In this workshop we breakdown the conditioning in which we are all subjected. This is a process like peeling layers of an onion. Underneath, we find the bitter raw, the true self. Often we are so unfamiliar with this state of being that we then have to become friends with this new true you. After non judgemental self-experimentation, this is then when we can tap into a mind/body connection and feel what we truly want. This is a process which took me years to design, only led by my desire to redirect my life and live my true path. It did not come without many blocks on the road.

My God honors the God inside of you. How will you honor your God?


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