Sweet Thai Basil Review

Sweet Thai Basil Restaurant-Portland, Or

On the busy street of Broadway, tucked into a tree-lined cul-de-sac, sits Sweet Basil. My favorite Thai restaurant in all of Portland. We walk into the pink house- by the way of the white wooden steps- that leads you into a sun-filled dining room. It is there that you will be greeted by Golden Fat Buddhas sitting high on their shelves, green plants, crisp white linens, and smiling Thai wait staff. To those of you that like to be surrounded in loveliness, sit outside. Be prepared to be transported into a fairy's land. Modestly they will seat you on a red wooden deck, overgrown in thick green grape vines; that shade you from the sun, while providing a sweet amuse-bouche. The wet smell of tart grapes mixed with sweet Thai iced tea is enough to send your senses into a tailspin.

I order the Lovely Ginger Lunch Special for $7.95. This lunch platter comes with a Thai Salad, crispy green lettuce with their house dressing. Pad Thai Noodles, wonderfully cooked noodles with a crunchy sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Thai Rice, cooked to perfection, adorns your plate molded in the shape of a star or a crescent moon. And, Finally the Basil Chicken. Slices of chicken in a sweet and spicy Thai Basil Sauce accompanied by snow peas, mushrooms, and bean sprouts. The crunchiness of the fresh vegetables mixed with the soft and warm chicken mingle together in my mouth. This is an amazing experience. These plates look more like art than a reasonably priced meal.

I highly recommend Sweet Basil. I am forever spoiled. The Bar has been raised.

My friends have reminded me to mention that the entire staff is beautiful. Not that this sways my rating but I do think that it adds to the wonderful and unforgettably sweet atmosphere of Sweet Basil. Enjoy!

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