Split Realities

Which reality do you live in?

“You were born into this world alone and you will die alone.” — The Buddha

The goal of enlightenment is to keep yourself vibrating at the highest level of love. I have been studying and practicing Ho’oponopono lately and it has propelled me into a blissful state of being. Basically, it’s a mantra of “I Love You” all the time. Of course, there is much more than this, but this is the main concept. This vibration links you to the divine, and linked do I feel. I have been getting rockstar parking spots, free drinks at bars, and offers on projects. It seems as if my life is on track. I have finally stepped into my vortex, and life was unfolding just as it should. Yesterday, as I sat in a cabana, soaking in the sun, margarita in my hand, I thought, this is it. I am in my flow and life does not get better than this.

Then I got a call. My father had a stroke. All the lightness drained from my body and I felt stuck to the hot pavement. Lead arms and weak legs that could not walk. I wondered how does one have only love at this moment? This is a sad thing. This is not divine life. I started to spiral. The words “I love you” couldn’t even reach my lips, they were stuck in my throat and I felt like I would choke.

This is when one has to put social constructs in check. It is told to us, all our lives, that we are supposed to drown in our emotions when something bad happens. But how does that help the situation? How does that help my father? How does worry and strife in my reality help his?

It doesn’t!

So I pray to The Divine and the message I received is “You are only responsible for your own reality”. Most will think this is horrible because he is my father and I should be sad and fretting over his current situation. But honestly, what good will it be if I bring my vibration down?

In Ho’oponopono, it is said that when our vibration is high, it will not only heal us but also heal others around us. So I pray. I say I love you, and I send good light to him.

“I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” and “Thank you.” Let us use this prayer to cleanse, purify and release. Cutting all the memories, blockages, and energies that vibrate at any level other than Love. Let these words transmute these unwanted energies to pure light. It is so, and I think of you.

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