New Moon, New Year, New You

2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 have been full of testing one's will, faith, strength, survival, intelligence, and everything in between. You would agree, yes? We lost loved ones, fought the government, lost friends, had to come to our own conclusions as to what is reality and what is not. For me, I can see the strong force of these last few years roll over the landscape as if it was accompanied by a herd of wild buffalo. Dust kicked up around its path and headed right for me. I welcome the surge of energy that comes with it. Compartmentalize the sadness and loss that it drags in tow.

2-2-2022 (February 2, 2022) will be our 2nd new moon of the new year. '2222' in the angel's code means inspiration, big ideas, the focus, and persistence needed to manifest big dreams into reality. Also, it is the second day of the second month and the second new moon of 2022. I want to celebrate this, and by celebrate I mean to tap into its energy. If i could describe the feeling it would be something like running in a field of low-hanging mist, running side by side with a wild mare, naked. I want to grab onto its mane and hoist myself up onto its back. I want to ride it hard to gather the speed to break through the clouds and fly.

New Moon:

As the moon fills, so do you.......

The New Moon graces us early in February. Many cultures live by the phases of the moon. Energy is stronger when it is full. Waves become more fierce and crash against the shore. When it is new, it is believed to be a new beginning. A time to create, manifest, explore the mysterious unknown, nature, and establish a foundation. Although there are books out there that would argue the energy changes with which sign the new moon may appear. If you would like to worship and do rituals according to the zodiac sign then I highly recommend the book The Power wish by Kieko.

The New Year:

A new year rises before us like the Sun’s explosion of fire over the horizon after a very long night. Whatever shattered and left you in recent years did not do so to damage your wings, but instead, to give you flight and to encourage you to explore what else life has to offer you. 2022 will, in many ways, be a better year than recent ones. But each journey we embark upon will always have its own unique set of dark clouds and thorns that loom before us. It is in the knowledge of when to expect those clouds that prepares us for the storm.

"To change you must, quiet literallly, become someone else."-Dr. Joe Dispenza

New You:

Anyone that knows me knows that I encourage rebranding of oneself on a consistent basis. What a better time to gather all that you have experienced and learned over the last year and formulate it into a new version that you present to the world. To rebrand oneself you must also believe that you have changed. You must release yourself from being stuck where you once were and step boldly into your new self.

We have all heard the phrase, "Neurons that wire together, fire together." This is the body's way of hacking life. It makes things easier the body reserves energy when doesn't have to "re-learn" a habit or skill. If you choose to change a habit or action you have to stop thinking the way that you do and start thinking in a completely different way. Thus, becoming a different person.

So how do we make a change?

Meditation: Neuroscience is scientifically proving that when we reduce the amount of brain activity, this will decrease the amount of blood flow and that will, in turn, make the brain pliable enough to release the stuck together neurons. From here we can reintroduce positive and constructive thoughts and actions. In turn, wiring neurons together, changing how you think, thus who you are.

Change is good: Change up your routines. In the morning, if the first thing you do is make a cup of coffee, try going for a walk first. If you find that you always walk upstairs with your right foot, try changing it to your left foot. Challenge yourself to make little changes. When we continuously follow a routine the brain becomes weak and tired.

Breathe First thing in the morning, as soon as you sit up and put your feet on the floor......Take 3 deep breaths. Then smile.

Write it down: Every morning and every night write down at least one thing in which you are grateful. Or one thing that makes you smile. Or one thing that makes you feel strong.

Start Fresh: With the coming of the new moon allow yourself to start over too. Write down on a piece of paper all the things you would like to let go of in this moon phase. Meditate on them. Feel them deep into your body. Say "thank you" and "goodbye" to them. Then, burn them!

Then pick up a fresh piece of paper and write down the design of your extraordinary life. Once completed fold it up and put it in your pocket, by your bed, or on your wall. Read it often. Imagine yourself there. Imagine your extraordinary life. Imagine the way it smells, tastes, feels, and looks. Take it in and watch it unfold in front of you.

"You are the author of the book of your life" -Oprah Winfrey

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