My Cat Is a Finicky Eater. What can I do?

Cats are finicky when they are overly cautious about what can make them sick. This leads us to believe they are aware of their sensitive stomachs and do not want to risk getting sick due to a change in food or eating too much food.

They yawl and beg because they are hungry but when it comes down to it they just can’t eat.

Some will yawl and beg because they are starving for nutrients in their body. Even if the cat is eating the nutrients may not be assimilated properly.

Try this:

Vitality Science’s Luxolite is sodium, magnesium, calcium liquid clay that helps to absorb acidity and toxins, that may be created by stress, anxiety, or sensitive stomachs. When Luxolite is given daily, in chronic cats, the stomach is in a neutral stasis to begin the day of digesting and regulating.

To stimulate the appetite, Vitality Science’s one-of-a-kind proprietary formula Celloquent, has 16 clinically proven ingredients that boost organ function, maintain proper gut function, and provide plenty of nutrients due to the blue-green algae that are added. A small pinch of this a few times a day will not only give your cat proper nutrients but will also help the body to want more food.

And, finally, if your cat is always hungry, even if they are eating, I highly suggest Vitality Science’s Super Pet Enzymes. Enzymes help to break down food and allow the body to assimilate those nutrients into the body in a proper way.

Vitality Science always offers up a purr-fect solution for healthy and happy cats.

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My cat is a finicky eater. What can I do?

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