Kinda Keto and The Queen's Tea

The point of the keto diet is to rid the body's dependence on sugar so that it does not burn sugar for fuel it starts to burn fat. Although I have already come out as Keto adjacent I still incorporate a lot of those principles into my life. Reducing sugar is a good thing and I am always looking for creative concoctions that will help me do that. So, if you are trying to kick the mid-day sugar craving try this instead of that soda or milky way.

Seep an earl grey tea bag in hot water for 3 minutes. Remove tea bag and pour the liquid into a frother (I like my Capresso frother) or use a stick frother (can be purchased on amazon for less then $10). Add a pat of grass fed butter (butter actually helps to promote a healthy thyroid function and is important in regulating hormones). Add liquid Stevia (stevia is a tridoshic balancing all natural sweetener). Add 1 drop of organic Lavender Essential oil, 1/8t of organic orange oil, 1/4t Vanilla extract, and 1/8t almond extract and blend. Pour mixture back into your mug and enjoy this delectable treat. For me, it tastes like a fancy dessert from a cafe in paris. It is the most delicious and good for you treat.

To all you keto kings and queens, sweetened sultriness, romantic runners, and childlike adults this treat is for you!



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