Keto, Wild!

I'm doing it.

I'm going Keto.

As someone who was raised as a FLOUR child, this is a big deal!

No carbs or sugar!?!! its Ludacris. But I'm doing it. Pushing myself to do and be better. I am going to log my journey and as a teacher probably be teaching some things along the way. I will definitely be posting Keto Recipes

This is what I know so far. Keto is a diet that has been around for a century. In the 1920s it was a diet that was prescribed for people suffering from epilepsy. Which makes complete sense. Carbs and sugars create inflammation, premature aging, and diabetes. If there is inflammation, especially in the brain, neurons cannot send proper signals and epilepsy can occur. Also, this is a leading cause of early Alzheimers or dementia of unstable moods, fogginess, poor memory, and inability to properly focus and learn stated by a study by John Hopkins.

Carbs and sugars will create yeast (candida) in the body. This candida will grow and attach to the brainstem creating brain fog, bloating and digestive issues. And lastly, your body and brain needs food. It will gladly "eat" the glucose provided by the carbs and sugar because it is easier. BUT..... when the carbs and sugars are removed and healthy fats are provided then the brain and body will start to function better.

Your brain is 60% fat. When it is starved of good fats it will not work optimally. Your brain needs this amount, at least, of good fats to function properly. Studies show that starving your body of good fats allows your body to not produce essential hormones such as insulin and leptin. These important hormones make your fat cells "hungrier" leaving you inflamed fatigued.

Your body's cellular integrity and nutrient exchange depends on fat.

Click here to see what can happen if your body is not exchanging nutrients properly.

When on the Keto diet the percentage of fats will depend on your daily carb intake. This is generally between 50-75% of calories.

1,500 calories: 83-125g of fat per day

2,000 calories: 111-167g of fat per day

2,500 calories: 139-208g of fat per day

Doing the Keto diet you are eating 80% fat, 10% protein, and 5-10% carbs (that can come from certain vegetables). This is supposed to give you more energy, burn more body fat, a clear up brain fog. All which I welcome. I have many questions about doing this diet but rest assured I will figure them out and write them here. Sign up to receive my emails and get the full experience as I go into ketosis!

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