Jim and Patty's Coffee Shop Review

Portland, Oregon

Generally, I don't approve of walking in a door of an establishment and immediately running into the counter. It's bad feng shui; it stops the flow of energy into a space. But there is always an exception to the rule. At Jim and Patty's Coffee Shop on Fremont in Portland. Pushing open the lime green front door and immediately running into a counter full of energetic, smiling, informative and eager employees is a delight, to say the least. This quaint, family-owned coffee shop's cup flows over with a friendly chatter, bubbling in from all corners. Filling your senses with warm smells of freshly baked goods and intensely creative coffee concoctions.

Earning their four stars in creativity Jim and Patty's Coffee Shop goes, with mochas, like no other mocha makers have gone before. Let's talk about sizes. Coffee served from 8oz to 24!

24 oz!! I have never seen such a thing, but Jim and Patty's Coffee sells them like hotcakes or rather coffee cakes. They are known for their generous portions of sour cream coffee cake. Soft, moist, rich and always fresh, topped with a brown sugar and hazelnut crumb topping. I'm not a fan of nuts on desserts so I opt for the gingerbread. I am blown away. $2.50 (for the gingerbread) and a 16 oz coffee, totaling $5.90.

Continuing to reach above and beyond; their coffee collaboration style is achieved by very brave baristas; pushing boundaries and taking names. These creative concoctions breakthrough with the Adult Mocha: bittersweet chocolate and soy milk. The breava: fresh-squeezed orange Juice and chocolate shavings. And, the Mocha Loca: a splash of hot sauce, giving it a slight kick of spice. Then there is my favorite, the Soviet Mocha. I am scared at first. A description of bittersweet chocolate, mixed with sour cream, and a shot of espresso sounds unappetizing, to say the least. But in true blogger fashion, I push forward exploring the unknown, the scary, the unappealing, all for you. The barista sees my concern and assures me that it is excellent. A quick few minutes later it is done. It is handed over the high counter top by Patty herself. I carry it over to my table, close my eyes, and take my first sip. I am pleasantly surprised. It is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Extremely creamy, well blended, with the perfect combination of chocolatey sweet muted by a mellowed-out tangy cut of soured cream. I am enjoying every sip.

To think of putting pulpy fresh-squeezed orange juice, hot sauce, or sour cream in a mocha, you would have to be off your rocker. Off their rockers, Maybe? But true geniuses, mixologists and Rock Stars, definitely! My hat is tipped to Jim and Patty's Coffee shop for taking a big, brave leap forward in the ever drowning sea of boring coffee drinks. Congratulations and thank you for making me excited about coffee again.

Caffeine Cowboys and Mocha Maidens this one's for you!

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