Is this yours or mine?

After a ‘cleanse your energy’ class that was designed for healers, that just happen to be a little extra sensitive, and that pick up misplaced energy and internalize it more than others. I do this all the time. If someone is hurt I feel it. I present their symptoms before they do. I walk heavy through busy city streets and feel the pain that radiates off the city streets like the steam that pushes hot through street grates. It encapsulates me and then settles into my body, although foreign, completely at home. My father tells me stories of gurus that take on the pain and suffering of other others. I am not claiming to be a guru, although the meaning of a guru is to guide people from the dark and into the light. I do that. I teach. I guide. I see things differently than most. I heal. I absorb. I get sick. I run scenarios over and over again in my head. I worry. I am not perfect. It’s exhausting. I carry people’s pain. Willingly, because I didn’t know how to release it. I close my eyes. I scan my body. And now I cut the cords. Releasing the energy back to the person or event in which it came. Regaining the energy in which I gave.

So how can we identify what is ours and what is not? How can we then cut the energetic cord and send the energy back? How can we become more aware of being present, energy full, and grounded?


The first rule of electricity is that it has to be grounded to the earth. When we run electricity through our homes, it is also grounded to the earth. This is so that it is stable. If it is not grounded properly then it can “trip” and cause a fire. The same goes for living beings. We are electromagnetic conduits of energy. In Ayurveda it is believed that we have 7,000 rivers of energy (nadis) running through us. In Chinese medicine it is called Chi. It modern medicine it is known that the heart, alone, has its own electrical system. We feel a “spark” when we touch others that we love. We notice a stirring in our bellies when we enter a room that has energy that is “off”. We are sensitive antennas that pick up the energetic frequencies around us. With so much energy bombarding us all the time, it is imperative, to ground ourselves as well. So, how to we do that?

Think about the feet. Take them out of the hard-soled shoes and place them on the ground. Feel the edges and each toe. Feel the way they connect to this earth. Our feet are the quickest way to remember that we are grounded. That we are connected to the earth. Connecting with the earth is the key to mental and physical health. The earth as a whole is an electrical conduit of energy. Just as plants and trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, and gravity prevents us from floating off into space, the surface of the Earth provides us with a negative surface charge. The Earth is a natural antidote for electron deficiency and can provide us with an infinite flow of electrons by making direct contact with the earth. Grounding everything to the earth maintains electrical stability.

Step Back:

Literally lean your head back, just a half of a millimeter. This can help us shift our view point from the frontal cortex (thinking brain) to the center of head (the third eye). Imagine, instead of being so close to a situation that you are unable to see the big picture, to viewing it from a seat in the middle of your head. This is a way to become present in the moment. A way to objectively take in the facts of a situation without overrunning it with future or past thoughts. A way to allow us to really see what is going on and react accordingly.

Cut the Energetic Cords:

Whether we want to admit it or not, energies can latch on to us. Hooking themselves into our neck, back, knees, hearts. It can make us feel tired or heavy, off balance, even think irrational thoughts. This is because it is not our energy. It does not belong to us and yet our bodies, as accommodating as they are, will try to find a place for them, energetically.

Last night, in my class, the teacher led us through a meditation that taught us how to unhook these foreign energies and refill with amber healing light. Last night I trained my brain to remove the pain and heaviness in my body. We thought of an incident that we recently went through and checked to see if we could attach a person to that incident. Then, we checked to see where that energy was stored in our bodies. Then we got to cutting, removing, and releasing it.

I envisioned a spoon cutting into my neck. The cold metal dug in deep pulling out black tar and florescent blue green balls that dropped behind me every time it withdrew. I had a woodpecker peck at the misplaced spot that tingled in my side. And a pack of wild horses side stepped me and drug a person away that has been standing in my way for way too long. As I watched them being removed from my energy field, my body filled up with light and I felt like me again. The pain went away and my mind no longer played in repeat.

We can be completely self aware. We can be sensitive. We can be caring but we cannot internalize other people's karma. We have to heal ourselves before we can heal others. We have to allow ourselves to let go and fill our voids with light. When we do this, we can shine. When we shine we can be completely open to hold space for others without holding their karma.

Its all about reprogramming how our brain thinks. If we can rewrite the story and let go of an event, a situation, or other people's energies then we can feel lighter, more free, and just be!

Love, Listen, Learn, Live Well

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