Is jogging better then sex?

I started jogging. A few months ago if you asked me if I ran I would respond with "only if the zombies were chasing me."

But here I am, on a muggy Pittsburgh outskirts morning, jogging and not hating it.

Why? What changed? Well lots.

Since C-19, my dating game is less then usual. Without the regular feeling of skin against skin. Without bated breath, that makes the chest pulsate with the touch of a lovers fingertips, I have felt different. I feel the dark sharpness of being alone in my stomach. I feel the deep disconnect of human connection on a ethereal level. So, what can one do with that feeling?

I considered picking up a cigarette. The act of deep breaths, although false and laced with poison, might work. Nope nope. That thought leaves my mind. I could masterbate. while yes there is a fleeting chest pulsing action, and a very pleasing high, it is missing that important connection of a lover. I could ignore it and watch tv. That leads to depression and guilt of doing nothing with my day. Or, I could go for a run!

Just saying it makes me laugh. I do not run. I have never just gone for a run. All my 'should have' and 'could haves' jump out from behind the wall. "You could clean the house", "play with your dog", "take better care of your parents", "run errands", "catch up with your sister", "go to the grocery store", "write the next chapter of your upcoming novel", "work", "anything but run!" I swat them away like a warrior in a battlefield. They fall to the ground. I step over them and reach for my On running shoes that where a birthday present from my best friend.

The first step out the door is the hardest after that it's just one foot in front of the other

I put my ear phones in and turn on my C25K app and head to the park.

The bilateral action helps to stimulate the brain. Allowing me to make rational and calm thought. I get the pumping of the chest which helps to flush out stagnant hormones and left over emotions. I get the blood pumping to set the day off on the right track. And, I get to prove to myself that I can do it. I can give myself the permission to care for myself. To give myself love. To connect with being ok with being alone. To enjoy nature and the sound of the wind sliding down the humidity stuck in the trees.

To answer the question in the title...... No, jogging is not better then sex. But, in these times when we are literally being caste out into solitude its a good stand in.

Live in light and love yourself. The rest will come in good time.

To view more health benefits of jogging click here

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