I love you. Please forgive me.

I'm not perfect. I abuse my body. I treat her like a slave and get angry when she gets tired and sore. I withdraw from her when she puts on weight to protect herself from my hate. I ignore her pleas for water, sleep, and nourishment. I am not perfect.

Recently I gained 25lbs. That's a lot for someone that is already pushing 200. But to my defense I was sad. I was hurt. I felt alone. So I sat in my sorrow and drank and ate and hid from the world.

Today is my birthday. Its been a whole year since "it happened". I held on tight to my roller coaster and prayed. Its been a whole year, and now I'm better, but the weight and the soreness are still there.

Today on my birthday I am not mad. I look in the mirror with love and ask for forgiveness. Big belly, thick thighs and my face is more round than it has ever been. I stare in my big brown eyes that hold back tears and say, "god! you are beautiful!". I apologize for the years of abuse and especially for this past year. I beg for forgiveness and want to hug her. I tell her "I Love you.", "Please forgive me", "i'm sorry" and "thank you"

girl standing in river
LeLa Becker standing in the gangas in india

So I ask you my fellow beings How do you abuse your body? Do you treat it like a child or a slave? Do you give it what it needs or do you deny it because you are mad at it?

Challenge (feel free to comment below): Repeat to yourself "I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I'm sorry, Thank You." See how it changes the way you feel towards yourself and others.

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