How to use your brain to get what you want.

I interviewed many people, on my podcast, that have created a life where they are living from their hearts. "inquiring minds want to know......How did you do it?" They all came back with the same answer.

"The visualization of the life that I wanted filled my brain. I couldn't think of anything else." "I was obsessed"

"I could feel it in my bones!"

"I just KNEW that it would happen"

These are a few statements that stood out for me, but no matter how they were worded they all led to the same point. If you can think it then it will happen.

Psychoneuroimmunology and how it will help you live a great life

I have been studying psychoneuroimmunology for a few years now. It is the study of how the thoughts in the brain are directly correlated to the body. Basically if one believes it to be true, then it will be so. Joe Dispenza writes in his book "breaking the habit of being yourself" about how he healed himself by his mind. The mind can trigger certain electrochemicals that will flood the body, signalling it to start to heal. The mind does not know the difference of thought and if it actually happened.

So how does one utilize the brain to the full extent?

We are so lucky that we have this brain. It is designed to solve anything that you have a question. For example, how often does a song loop in your head? well the reason for this is your brain is searching for the ending or the answer. The way to solve this problem is to sing something you know the ending to, such as Happy birthday and most likely that other song will be kicked out. Your brain solves problems. It is a miraculous tool in which one can either allow it to take control OR if one knows how to utilize it properly, can achieve anything. Know what you want and visualize it completely. This is where a vision board comes in handy. Design your life and everything that you want, look at it often, and allow your brain to start working in a way that will figure out the answer to your question. Allow it to find the answer.

So, back to designing the life in which you are dreaming.

When I was interviewing these people they decided on what they wanted. They placed that vision in their brains. They felt it in their bodies. They went about their normal routines but kept that though in their brain. They all ended up saying the same thing, "I don't know how it happened but one day it just all came together and I got what I wanted."

They may not have realized what happened but their brains figured out the answer to their question and made it real.

The brain is a beautiful machine, gifted to us to take full advantage of its power.

Do you know the power that you hold?

What are some tips that you have that allow you to manifest your strongest dreams and desires?

What are some things that you have manifested in the last few years?

Are you seeking support to manifest the life in which you have always dreamed? If so contact me for a free 30 minute clarification call. I would love to see if we are a good match to work together to make all of your dreams come true.



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