Healthy Eating: How to grow Wheat Grass

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Its nice to have a sprouting lid that fits on a mason jar. If not, then you can use a cheese cloth tightened with a rubber band.

Put 1 cup of wheat berries into the jar

Cover with water

Place a dish towel over the jar and let soak in darkness for 24 hours

Drain water, fill with water and rise a few times.

Last time turn upside down and allow to rest for 12 hours.

Every 12 hours; fill with water, rinse and return to the upside down position

After 3 days (6 – 12 hour rinsing) when they look like they are starting to sprout

Get a shallow potting container

Fill it with about 1 inch of Organic potting soil, wet the soil and spread the sprouted wheat berries on the soil

Cover with brown paper bags.

Place in a dark area for three days

All the while making sure that the paper bags stay very wet

Once it starts to look like little blades of yellow grass

Move it outside in the sun, take off the bag and make sure it gets lots of sun and water

When it get to be about 8 inches high. Cut it and allow it to grow 1 more time.

note: In more humid climates mold can start to grow on the soil. Please do not use this as it would not be good for your health. Please discard of it.

Pro Tip: Wheat grass detoxifies but it is also delicious. DO NOT drink more than an ounce per day. The toxins will rush through your body and make you feel like you are sick.

Also, adding it to carrot juice is cosmic.

Wheat grass winners and late night sinners this one is for you. Enjoy!

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