Food in the time of quarantine: Wild Salad

Quarantine Day: 25 - Wild Salad

Full of nutrients

When I first learned of the upcoming pandemic, I dug in the back of the storage room and pulled out the hydroponic garden. My prepper parents bought it for me many years ago and I never set it up. With the looming zombie apocalypse, I thought "maybe I should do this....just in case." It can be purchased at . It was easy to set up, it came with nutrients and a bag of wild greens. Within one week week we had an abundance of nutrient rich micro greens.

This morning, the bright green leaves came bursting through their coconut soil and they were ready to eat. They are a blend of turnip, kale, and beet micro greens so they are a little spicy for the kids, so I went into the yard to see what I could forage. I picked wild winter kale, dandelion greens, and parsley.

Make sure to soak any plants collected from outside in vinegar and salt for at least ten minutes to remove any animal matter or toxins

Drain the water out.

Add olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice

Massage the kale by squeezing it with your hands. This breaks down the leaves and makes the kale easier to chew and I think brings out more flavor.

Your bounty will reduce in size, be softer and have a brighter green tint to it. Drain out excess juice in the bottom of the bowl. I added carrots and a few handful of micro greens.

Ayurveda tip: The weather is in vata right now. Meaning that it is cold, wet, and windy. It is not the best time to be eating salads. As salads are these elements as well. In this time of the year it is best to be eating heavy hot stews and spice. The greens looked too delicious to not eat so I paired it with a cheese quesadilla and grilled shishito peppers drizzled in olive oil and sea salt.

To all you wild witches that forage for fun. This one is for you!


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