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When I was a kid I was in gymnastics. I loved it! There was a sense of freedom flying through the air knowing that you would stick the landing on those hard plastic yet squishy and cracked gym mats. I went everyday. I could not get enough. I was twelve when my coach said, "you will never make it out of this gym. You are too tall to make the Olympic team. And, i can tell from the thickness of your wrists that you will be too fat to make the weight requirements." I looked at him with such confusion. I thought "why is he saying this to me?" I did, after all, look up to him. He was my coach. I spent more time with him then at home. Things became awkward after that day and I quit not too long after that.

I was taking a jazzercise class a few years ago at my local gym in Seattle. The room was packed full of energetic students waiting to twist to the oldies. I was in the middle of the group. I enjoyed every minute until the teacher came up to me and asked me if i was ok? Again, I was so confused. I truly had no idea why he would asked me that in the middle of Micheal Jackson's Thriller matched to the grapevine and step ball change sequence that he had just showed us to do for the next 16 counts. I looked at him. Then I looked in the floor to ceiling mirrors at the front of the room. My face was bright red and sweaty. I know that I am a little over weight, and I smoked cigarettes as a teenager, so my lungs did not form completely to their capacity. And, I'm an Irish American with alabaster skin and fiery red hair. I know that this bright red sweaty tomato face is just my face that happens when I work out. But the teacher was concerned and made me sit down. It was so embarrassing. And, I remembered why I don't join group exercise classes. I left and canceled my gym membership.

I had a lot of trauma happen to me in the last few years. To deal with that trauma I picked up old nasty habits and found myself at the bottom of the barrel. Out of shape and declining in health. We are all trying to get through this human experience the best we know how. So news flash we have all been there. Side tangent: I have been in the yoga and health industry for over two decades. I personally know a lot of "famous" yoga/meditation/and health "gurus" out there on social media. Like, I have been to their house "know them". They have ALL -one time or another- been so depressed they cant get off the floor. Or, taken a sabbatical from teaching. Or gained so much weight that they stopped teaching in person and just recycled old photos from years prior. My point is good! It happens to the best of us. But! it is how we recover. How we stick that landing that changes the direction of this life that we are currently experiencing.

It was in the beginning of August that I shifted my reality. A friend of mine gifted me the best running shoes. And, I had been taking steps to get my health back on track so it was time. I laced up my running shoes and took my first step out the door. East coast mid-summer humidity adding an extra 10lbs on my shoulders. But i did it. I prefer an app called C25K. Usually, i will make it about 2 weeks then stop. Im good at giving up on things as previously explained above. And, i did. I tweaked my calf about 2 weeks in and gave up. But, its all about sticking that landing right? how does one continually keep pushing themselves back into the timeline that they crave to be on? Try, and try again. That is all we can do.

I am blessed enough to be in St. Augustine florida this week. It is a breezy 70 degrees. I brought my running shoes. I've been obsessed with Austin Hendrickson on Instagram. Little pops of inspirational workout videos. I thought it would be the perfect time to get back into running. I laced up my shoes and took one step out the door. And, then another step. And, then I was running with my C25K app and my inspirational Spotify running listFlorida. Day 1 was great. My feet were hitting the ground at the exact beat of the song playing. I was gliding past palm trees, over lizards sunbathing in the middle of the road and small weathered fisherman houses with half-naked women and have fish cement statues in the lawn. Day 2, today, was different. Because i felt so great last night I joined a friend in a "celebration dinner and drinks because she got a great win date" It was fun. We stayed out way too late and because i rarely drink alcohol anymore it hit me harder this morning. I lay in bed making excuses about not getting up and running on a beautiful beach in the sun. "it will be too hot" I told myself. I listened to my horoscope- Gemini Today- on spotify and a few meditations. I laid in bed for 90 mins. 3x longer then it takes me to finish my run. I told myself "its easy to quit. Just quit."

It is the determination that we hold with ourselves that keeps us steady on the timeline that is vibrationally set for you and for success. This is one of the worst pictures I have ever posted but I do not care. It's authentic. I'm hungover and tired. Red tomato-faced bed head, and the shirt I wore out the night before. But I did it. I got out of bed. Put on my shoes, but one step in front of the other, and ran my set. The picture sucks but the person will succeed.

Neuro Pop: Researchers have found that the mind does not know the difference between actually doing an activity or thinking about an activity. So if you are injured, or just don't have the inspiration to go out in the cold today. Dedicate time to watch a workout video or think about your run. Your body will still receive the neurochemicals. So get down on yourself if you stop for a while but remember to always.....always.... get back up again.

To all those who dream of shifting from one timeline to another. One that more suits the way you see your life going in the future. To the shapeshifters, body shakers, mind melters, and success havers this one is for you!

Are you one who jogs? I am interested in how, why, and when did you start to jog? please comment below or contact me. I'm interested in your thoughts. Thank you LeLa

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