Can drinking water cause cavities?

The simple answer is YES! I am shaken by the recently learned and researched information I am about to share with you. I have made a conscious effort NOT to drink sugary drinks or lots of acidic juice all of my life. I chose to drink water. Lots of water. All-day. And then I learned that I was wrong.

After my mother mysteriously and suddenly passed away last year, I was terrified about my health. My mother was a yogi for 40 years, a vegetarian, a meditator, and an all-around health-oriented person. One day she got sick and died shortly after. I grew up in a family that would only go to a hospital if a limb got ripped off. We were raised to believe that western doctors are very good at diagnosing because they have all their fancy machines and tests. Still, we leave that up to the Acupuncturist, prayer, Ayurveda diets, Homeopathy, and Garden witchy ways when it comes to healing. But these doctors could not give me a readout of my health baseline. I was convinced that I needed to know where I was currently at, so if my health started to go south, I would know I had become unbalanced and how to get back to health.

Around the time of my mother’s death, I started getting a terrible toothache. Due to covid, I could not get into any dentist to get it checked out. So I managed it by sucking on whole cloves, licorice, and skullcap. As we all know, covid never went away, and neither did my toothache. I finally was able to book an appointment with a biological dentist, and this is where my story begins.

If you know me, you will see that I am a freak about my teeth. It stems back to my family constantly telling me to care for my teeth as a child because I have such a beautiful smile. So I thought I was doing everything right. I brushed, flossed, and oil pulled. I didn’t drink soda, and I decided to drink as much water as possible in a day. The crazy thing is, with all that water I was drinking, I was even more dehydrated than usual.

Unfortunately, my health started to fall to pieces, and I was desperate to figure out what was going on. I have had three tooth extractions due to abscessed teeth, 17 cavities, one leaking metal cap, and four cap replacements in the last five months. My dentist said that there had to be something else in my body. There is no reason that someone should have this much going on “suddenly.” So I called a doctor and got a blood test. The results were good, except I had a severe deficiency of Vitamin D and Essential Fatty Acids. And I was extremely dehydrated. My doctor was shocked at how dehydrated I am and how depleted my Vitamin D and EFAs are. Both essential fatty acids and vitamin D are the two critical factors in good dental health. So how did this happen?

According to the LA Holistic Dentistry, your teeth can leach minerals due to

  • Poor Nutrition

  • Excess sugar

  • Dry mouth

  • Lack of minerals

  • Toxins

  • Stress

  • Inflammation

  • Poor oral hygiene

The Flour Child

When I was a child, my family used to call me a FLOUR child. I was particularly drawn to sugary carbs. Give me a chocolate croissant any time of the day. I was raised vegetarian, so my go-to fill me up fast foods were empty carbs. I led a life of high carbs, high-sugar diet for many years. A few years ago, I started to eat meat and started to change my ways, but addictions are hard to change, which can result from one’s desires. But who knew? I mean, yes, I was a little overweight. I didn’t have enough energy to make it through the day, and more than not, I was generally always hungry, but $35K in dental bills out of pocket and teeth extracted from your head because of a lifetime of chocolate croissants!?! It’s enough to make someone want to change. I just never imagined something like this could ever happen.


Back in the 1930s, a Cleveland dentist named Weston Price traveled to remote parts of the world to study the health of people who had little contact with civilizations. He found that tooth decay (lack of minerals in teeth) was rare. They all ate fatty meats, organ meats, wild-caught fish, whole milk dairy products, tubers, vegetables, and fruit.

Grains and legumes contain phytic acid, an antinutrient that binds minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium. If one is not getting enough of these in their diet, the minerals will get flushed away.

*Side note: It is proposed that drinking a lot of water was a campaign from the big soda corporations to push their bottled water sales.

Flushed Away

Susan Weed, a well-known herbalist, has stated that drinking only water flushes away the minerals in one’s body. She suggests drinking Herbal Infusions. This is 1 oz of herbs seeped in 1qt of water, stored in a glass jar overnight. Then strain and drink the liquid. Hot tea was the first medicine, so I see her point with this. The herbs replenish your body with nutrients, and the liquid, in turn, hydrates you. If one is drinking just water with no added electrolytes or nutrients, the body will pull from the teeth first to get the nutrients it requires. Also, bottled water is very acidic. Dis-eases of the body stem from acidic bodies. Alkalinity is what will keep you healthy. Herbal infusions are alkaline.

Stress and acidity

I am assuming that the sudden death of my mother and the extreme state of stress that caused is what initially brought the toothache on. When the body is stressed it sends off acidity to “attack” a foreign entity. When the mind creates it, the mind sends out neurochemicals. The body is defeating and cant attack them all. So the acid becomes a “misfire.” It starts to hit parts of the body that are just innocent bystanders. With a constant stream of acid, parts of the body will deteriorate. Because the body is a brilliant machine, it will ask for nutrients to repair such things. If it is not getting the nutrients through food and supplements, it will pull from its reserves -in this case, my teeth- to help repair.

"Don't wait until you are thirsty to dig a well" - Stephen Becker (my dad)


  • Supplementing with vitamin D is one of the best hacks that you can do. Vitamin D acts on over 1,000 genes in the body and helps build strong bones, joints, and, yes, teeth. Clinical studies have found that 800 IUs of Vitamin D is a good dose. It is best to take it with Vitamin K to help your body absorb Vitamin D.

  • Vitamin C will help your body get rid of an existing infection. You will want to take a lypospheric C because it absorbs easier and faster into the body.

  • Essential Fatty Acids: If your diet is not all meat, you need to supplement essential fatty acids. 1/2–2 teaspoons of Cod Liver Oil with an ounce of Organic Orange Juice 1–3 times a day should help fill up your depleting reserves of EFAs. Also, add good fats to your diet whenever possible (ghee, grass-fed butter, avocados, coconut oil, etc.)

  • Drink Electrolytes: The body needs salt, not sugar. I recommend good quality Himalayan Sea Salt and a half of a lemon or lime in water. If the body is hydrated, then the blood is not sludgy, and more nutrients can be carried to the places they need to be.

  • Baking Soda: Swish with baking soda and water. This will help restore the proper PH balance in your mouth. And help whiten your teeth.

  • Remineralizing Toothpaste: Natural toothpaste is out there that will help to remineralize your teeth. My dentist recommends Risewell.

he Path to Health

My first reaction to this event was shame and depression. “Where did I do wrong?”

Once I started to heal, I became more gentle with myself. I reminded myself that I had been through a lot last year. The death of a parent is a sadness that cannot be matched. Also, remember that everything we go through is our path to walk to understanding in this lifetime. From this event, I have learned how to reload my body with the nutrients it needs to continue to stay healthy. Now that the infection has been removed from my head, I can think more clearly. Once I started to supplement the nutrients needed I felt more energetic, happy, and alive. We must remember to rest and refuel after traumatic events and in daily life. The body is brilliant, but it cannot run on empty.

The Yoga of Dentistry

I am a victim of the barbaric dental practices of the 1990s. I had four root canals before I was 18. It was not until my sister turned me on to a biological dentist a few years ago that she took an x-ray of my entire body and determined that all my tooth pain as a child resulted from sinus issues. It turns out that my sinus cavities come down lower than most people. It was a sinus issue that was causing so much tooth pain. Because the dentist, at the time, did not know any better. And because they would take an x-ray of the teeth. They did not know if they would have moved the x-ray machine up 2 inches. They would have seen the low sinus lines.

Biological Dentists review the entire body. For example, if you have tooth pain, it may be because you are stressed, which makes you hold your shoulders tight, which pulls on the neck muscles, which pulls on your jaw, which tenses the tiny muscles around your mouth, and finally which make you feel like you have a cavity. In actuality, all you need is some chamomile tea and a neck rub.

In conclusion

The teeth are the road map to whole-body wellness. If you want to have a baby, then you get your teeth fixed. If you have thyroid problems, it could be your teeth. Each tooth connects to a channel in the body. Each “sickness” can be linked back to proper hygiene in the tooth at the end of that channel. Care for your teeth. Step away from barbaric dentistry. Take your vitamins and your health seriously.

Authors note:

Most underlying issues of a major illness could be attributed to an abscess in a tooth. 90% of abscesses don’t even hurt. If you are sick and the doctors cannot find out what’s wrong. And, before they place you on a handful of drugs that mask the symptoms, PLEASE find a Holistic or Biological Dentist in your area. It could save your life!

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