Bed Med: The art of kicking my phone out of bed!

Like most people I am addicted to my phone. In the morning when the alarm, on my phone, goes off. I spend sometimes upwards of an hour checking emails and the social media sites. Then I rush to get ready for the day. Left feeling lethargic and foggy. For the month of march I have challenged myself to put the phone down, after the alarm goes off, and sit up for some Bed Med.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to study with Erich Schiffmann. He spoke about the importance of meditation but how often life gets in the way. How it is very easy to skip a daily meditation. Erich suggested "Bed Med". I love this concept. He suggests as soon as you wake up sit up in your bed, put a few pillows behind you, bring the covers up to be warm and comfortable and begin to meditate. Be careful not to fall back to sleep but enjoy allowing yourself to ease into the day. Clear your mind and sit in silence for a few minutes.

Today is December 11, 2021 and the first day of my implementation of Bed Med. This morning I didn't check social media or my email until noon. It was o.k. the world was still happening without me, my mind was clear and focused and I was able to accomplish so much more in that hour i used to spend in bed. I believe in squeezing every beautiful moment out of every day, so this simple practice just gifted me more time.

Step away from the social media and with love, LeLa

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