Avocado toast fit for a keto king

At the beginning of the year I decided to try keto. I quickly realized it wasn't for me at this time. So, I have switched to keto adjacent. I have implemented putting more healthy fats into my everyday diet. A diet of healthy fats improve brain and cell function and I feel more more alert and alive.

The other day I discovered what I call Avocado Toast fit for a Keto King . I toast Ezekiel Bread which is rich in fiber and lower in sugar then other types of bread. Drizzle Milanese Grenolata oil from (a wonderful little shop I discovered in St. Augustine, Fl but can also be purchased on their website). Next add sauteed mushrooms and onions. Then organic Blue Cheese Dressing. Then mashed avocado. And, topped with Trader Joes Everything Bagel Seasoning. I am telling you this will not disappoint. It is filling, good for you and delicious.

To all the keto kings and queens. The healthy fat fans. And, everyone in between this is for you.


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