A false sense of society: Poem

According to CNBCNews suicide rates are up 30% in the last decade. And, with the recent passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I thought that I should share a poem that I wrote a few years ago. I believe that the rise in suicides is in direct correlation with the overwhelming "in your face" existence of social media. It is the lack of experiences and the need to feel validated that gives us a false sense of society and disconnectedness. I believe that the more we connect over facebook the more we will feel alone.

"She scrolls through blue lit screens

Filling a void, of emptiness, of being connected to all of you.

It flickers and her eyes race to focus on Jimmy and his new wife, Pam’s new love affair in Mexico and Sally’s son’s birthday party happening live in London.

It is the lullaby hum that calls her out of sporadic sleeps. Her unconscious search of an elation induced validation. The high that is the "LIKE", of anyone, from her carefully curated posts. The internalization of a fleeting moment of connectivity.

The dullness between her eyes fades when she sees Terri buying his family’s love. An over indulgent attempt to adorn them with the stamp that is “Facebook’s happiest family.”

Her loneliness is quelled by "logging in." She feels closer to all of her 563 “friends”.

A prompt of ‘what is on your mind?' She answers with enthusiasm. Reformatting, erasing, retyping certain keywords, in hopes that someone LIKES it.

It’s late and the words that appear from the mind numbing time suck that is The face space are “life is good”…… “look at me”…….”look at me”…..“do you like what is on my mind?” “If so Look. At. Me!”

Drool streams from the corner of her lips. Dropping egocentric twelve cent words that short-circuit the keyboard. The once clickity clack is now just a click. The shift button stopped working, how would anyone ever expect her, to shift?

Can you hear her screaming behind the thick glass and over those inter webs?

The glass is what keeps you out and her in.

It is the dullness of a electronic lullaby hum that cradles her into a false sense of society. This is the place where she can say and do anything because you are out there…..somewhere.

Her fingers scab and bleed as they continue to type ‘I am fine’.

The enter button enters her words into the nothingness. The nothingness of this night leads her to the ledge.

Her thoughts ping pong around wondering "how many lives do I have left and can I just delete it if no one likes it?"

Her last post, time stamped at 3:24 am, read “If I disconnect, will I be free?”

The Buddhist religion teaches us that we are alone; we are born alone and we die alone. The goal is to become comfortable with ourselves. Pema Chodron famously teaches the importance of sitting down to have tea with your daemons. This is the practice of looking inside to learn to be your own best friend. This practice can be obtained through meditation, journaling, self reflection, hiring a coach, narrative therapy, taking a social media cleanse once a week or once a month. In Traditional Vedic Tantra Philosophy it is said that when we connect with the universe we are never alone because we are whole. A popular vedic chant is the Purna Mantra which translate from sanskirt as "I am whole. If you take me away from the whole, I will still be whole." This means that after one has faced their daemons, then they are able to connect within the universal hive mind that is consciousness and then we will never be less than whole. And one last thing, God, Spirit, Light, Qi, Vital Force, whatever you would like to call it, is in fact within us all. Therefore we are truly never alone. It is the mind that tells us that we need the validation of being around and being liked by other people. If we can learn to control our thoughts and tap into our hearts then we can access the loving light that is within us all.

We are loved. We are whole. We are light. We are human.

Take Care of yourself and others



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