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Quantum and Conscious Thought

“Ahum de LeeLa:” To be in God’s light.

From this, I was named. A simple four-letter word, attached to my soul to ripple energy out into the universe. “Ahum de Leela,” “Ahum de Leela,” “Ahum de Leela.” Repeated three times for the mind, the body, and the soul. Repeated throughout my life to remind me that I AM in God’s light. (I have a confession to make, as a child, I hated my name, I insisted on being called something different. I think that I was not ready to take on the energy that is attached to it.) It took me until college to grow into it and now embrace its meaning and powers.

About 20 years ago, after finding the study of water and consciousness by Dr. Masaru Emoto and Quantum physics and consciousness by Dr. Amit Godswami, I became obsessed with how words, thoughts, and actions ripple through our bodies and into our universes.

Last week, I was traveling and listening to Super Soul Sunday podcast with Oprah Winfrey. This particular episode had Joal Olsteen as a guest. He was talking about the importance of what we say to ourselves. No matter what your religion, belief, or background, there is a common thread of being mindful of what we say to ourselves. We are all familiar with the very famous quote:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” — Mahatma Gandhi

I have to admit, these last few months, I have been down on myself. We all do it. Life takes us in a certain direction, where we never thought we would be, and we find ourselves sad, disappointed, talking bad about our situation, about others, and I started to notice negative language in my everyday speech. Thankfully, I have studied the theories of quantum and conscious thinking, and I know the power of words. Thankfully, I would catch myself and correct it, but I have to admit, over the last few months, it was happening a lot. This led me to not feel so great about myself, I started to pick up bad habits and let go of practices that I knew allowed my spirit to shine. What can I say, life is a practice, every day, we have to catch ourselves and try again.

After listening to Oprah and Joal’s podcast about the importance of our words and their energies within our bodies and into the world, I decided to write this post. Joel kept mentioning, “Are you ready for your right now!?!”

My only answer was “YES!” It is how we are RIGHT NOW that makes the difference. So this is me and how I am right now!

If you choose to practice this exercise. Take out your journal or your phone. Something that you can keep with you or put by your bed, something that you can look at every day. At the top of the page write, I AM……… (I like to put the date, so if I add to it daily, I can see when I choose to step into that power), then below, write all of the things that you are.

Note: This is a very vulnerable yet important exercise. Please know that it is hard for me to share some of these, but I hope that it is through my humility that I can teach, so I do.

six-hourI AM

Stuck in the middle seat, on a six hour flight across the country. The people on either side of me seem to want the armrests more than I do, so I am doing this practice on my phone, arms held tight into my body, and typing out my notes.

I am lucky

I am desirable

I am kind

I am psychic

I am powerful

I am lovable

I am happy

I am joyful

I am funny

I am breathing deep breaths

I am a leader

I am brilliant

I am prosperous

I am a catalyst

I am a teacher

I am deserving of love

I am deserving of wealth

I am strong

I am a survivor

I am a writer

I am love

I am a simple smile

I am healthy

I am grateful

I am full of endurance

I am ready

I am linked to my creator

There is energy so strong that when we acknowledge and step into the power, we hold but often ignore it. I can feel the tingling energy swim through my body when I say my “I am’s” out loud and/or write them down. When I look at them, I do find it hard to open my heart enough to allow them in, but life is a practice, so I practice every day.

Be good to yourself and others.

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