8 Things To Get Back To The Basics of Surviving!

With gas prices going up everyday, food shortages becoming more apparent, wars, and division among the people; you dont have to be republic or democrat to know that there is something in the air. Most are not psychic so we cannot predict the future. We dont know exactly what is happening or will happen but it is always good to be prepared. Our grandparents used to garden, can, and store food for the winter. Some where along the lines we lost these vital survival skills. We just expect food to be on the shelves. We expect toilet paper to fall from the sky. We expect our debit cards to work. But what if one day they just didnt?

I believe that it is a vital part of life to relearn these basic survival skills that have once been forgotten. Not just for future generations but just for the pleasure of getting your hands in the dirt and getting back to nature. With this said I do not believe that one should live in the low vibration of fear. It can cause a wealth of health issues including cancers and strokes. This energy frequency is not in alignment with our natural state of being BUT.....I do believe that one should learn everything you want to learn, download everything you want to download, practice the skills that could save you in these uncertain times, and then live your life to its fullest.

Below are 8 things that I believe every person should know to get back to a simple life of foraging for medicine, gardening, and survival of your family if something should disrupt our way of life. Its better to be prepared then not.

1) Grow Your Own Food:

Some of the best salads I have ever had were from my own garden. This is because the energy, love, and care that I put into to tending it is absorbed into the leaves and sprouts of my labor.

Also, it is a proven fact that when you put your hands into dirt it grounds your energy and reduces stress and anxiety. We could all use a little bit of this these days.

Bonus: Food prices are skyrocketing. Wouldn't it be nice to to eat for free all summer long?

*a simple and delicious salad dressing recipe*

Apple Cider Vinegar

Olive Oil

Lemon Juice

Salt and Pepper

Thats it. This dressing is a winner every time!


2) Learn Aquaponics:

There is nothing more cool then the symbiosis of nature. Aquaponics is the art of using the waste of fish to feed the plants and the plants to feed the fish. This is something that can be done is a small apartment, inside, on the counter top. Enjoy the beauty of fish while also growing your own vegetables. And, participate in the natural symbiosis of life and growth.


3) At-home Medicine:

This is the very practicality that i talk about above. Learning to heal yourself at-home is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. What happens if you cannot get to the doctor or fill a prescription? When you learn to heal yourself you take back your power.


4) Know the healing herbs in your area:

I've been thinking about dandelions lately. How we mow down one of the most healing herbs every summer. Let alone how beneficial they are for the pollinators. These beautiful yellow flowers sprout every spring, reaching for the sun, and beg for us to pick, eat, and heal from them.

At the turn of the century it use to be a status of wealth to have a yard full of dandelions but somewhere along the way the message got crossed. They started to be a nuance and they started to get cut down. Such a shame.

Dandelion tips: In early spring pick and wash the dandelion leaves. Chop them and put them in your salad for a healthy liver cleanse. In mid summer pop the flowers off and either fry them, chop them for a salad, or pack them in a jar with olive oil and after 6 weeks use the oil to tighten the skin. Right before fall dig up the root and hang it to dry. Peel the skin and add to your soups. This bitter herb deserves more praise.

There are a ton more medicines waiting for you in your back yard. This book will show you how to harvest and use what you have waiting for you in your back yard.


5) Have the tools you need:

This site will give you a free tactical knife! I have one of these in my car. You never know what you will need to use it for. Like I said before its just a smart idea to be prepared for anything that may present itself.


6) Emergency:

Lets just say theres a natural disaster and the lights go out. This is hands down the best thing you can have in your 'go-bag'. You will want to be able to light your way to safety.


7) A solid core:

"Don't wait until you are thirsty to dig a well"

You may be wondering what a solid core has to do with survival. To tell you the truth it's everything!

In healing, your core is what holds you up, supports you, stabilizes you. Now imagine all of our luxuries have gone away. You are now walking for clean water, hiking through the woods foraging for medicine, bending over to tend to your garden. And, then your back goes out. What next? There are a lot of stretches you can do. You could download my 20 minutes rest meditation

or you could prepare now. Strengthening the core will prevent issues such as hip pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, headaches. Practically everything stems from the core. This is your energy center. When you strengthen your core your confidence increases and the whole body comes back to balance.


8) Pets

It is important to think of our pets in these kind of situations. What will one do when they have to decide between filling p their gas tank or feed their animals?

This is a great article by an all natural pet supplement company that highlights tips and tricks on how to keep your pet healthy when food costs are skyrocketing!

In conclusion take care of yourself and others. Breathe. Put your hands in the dirt. Learn the plants in your area and the medicinal properties that they hold. And, be well.



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