5 ways to break free and live the life you love

The moment is now and the decision is yours to take these 5 steps to break free and live a life that you love. Your subconscious self, your guiding light is ready to shine. You are one step closer toyour your most passionate path.

Do you live you life by what others expect of you? Do you hide your true passions and talents because you think it would be silly to pursue them? Do you crave to change the trajectory of your life but you can't find the right way to do so?

  1. Gut Reactions: The truth will always come out

Practice: Think of the moment you achieve the life you love. Figure out what is the missing piece. Is it love? Money? A new job? A new way of presenting yourself to the world? A change in career paths? Once you have decided close your eyes and think about it. What feelings come up? What words? sensations? Where do you feel it in your body? Locate and identify it. Is there a blockage? Is the thought of having this in your life creating anxiety or lack of self-worth? Is the feeling stagnant or is it flowing?

If it is flowing: allow it to surge through you, igniting every cell. If it is stuck let's break it up! Imagine Something strong enough to break it up. A waterfall, a band of horses, and a hammer. Mentally visualize the stagnant energy breaking up and releasing out of your body.

Truth: The truth is our bodies are bundles of energetic frequencies that absorb and release energy every moment of every day. Everything is connected, especially when it comes to the magnificent universe that is your body. A complex, highly intelligent form of energy is constantly working to regulate so that you may have a full life experience. Unfortunately, along with breathing, blood circulation, hormone regulation, neurons firing, learning to walk, digesting, and more, we are also learning to evolve and experience other energetic life forms. It is scientifically proven that our bodies will remember an event or traumatic experience before our brains can catch on. This is because everything is energy and, our bodies being energetic antennas will absorb the happenings before our minds can categorize them and explain them. Most of us are not taught how to identify and release painful experiences, so we learn to dismiss them mentally, but physically the body does not forget. So, left unattended to that energetic frequency starts to bang around until one day it expresses itself within the body.

2. Rivers of Energy

Practice: Stand with both feet flat on the ground. Inhale. Lift your arms up over your head. Stretch your fingertips towards the sky. We have over 80,000 nadis (the Sanskrit word for Rivers) in our bodies. In a healthy body, the energy will flow with ease, but much too often, energy can get stuck. Acupuncture and acupressure are great example of how we can release blocked energy. In this system, we use this healing modality as a way to map the body-mindexamples connection. If the client is having back problems, then maybe they do not feel supported in their everyday life. If they are having lack abundance then through the sessions, we may uncover that they have a certain fear that shows up viscerally in the body. We then can take steps to start to remove the mental and physical blockages that eventually will allow the client to obtain abundance.

3. The Force is with you: Your inner child holds the key!

Children are more likely to choose the thing that makes them the happiest and not think about the consequences. The problem happens when we start to grow up we are bombarded by what society and the people around us have to say about our lives and then we start to let go of that dream. This is the ultimate example of a war between the heart (what we would love to do) and the head (what we think we are supposed to do).

4. Live from your heart and you will always be free

Self-work is hard. Confronting and expelling barriers, reasons, and daemons that have been with you for years takes courage, strength, practice, and guidance. It’s easy to stay comfortable, not rock the boat, and live a half-full life. If that is what you choose, and you are happy, then you should be there. But, if you feel like you could amplify the life you are currently living, by diving into self-work, then you must make the decision to do The Work! If you do not address your body and the blockages it has intuitively created, then all your energy will start to clog up, wreaking havoc on your mind and body and it will find a way out of your body.

5. Hire a coach: We all need someone to hold the mirror

Healers and teachers can be sacred witnesses to mirror what’s showing up in your body. I can correlate the connection between what is showing up in the body to what is barricaded in your mind. My experiences and study have allowed me to see what clients cannot see. I can hold your mirror and gently guide you to your most liberating, healthy, and passionate path.

Buddhist Teacher Pema Chodron is widely known for their teachings on the theory of “Inviting your Daemons to tea”. This is the teaching of facing your fears, addictions, and anything that holds you back, head-on. She teaches the benefit of talking out the story. After much practice, we can release it and move forward. Although the thought of inviting your daemons to tea may sound simple….it’s not. Our minds and body's natural processes are to identify the beneficial items for our body and expel the rest. Expulsion of unwanted energy should be done with guidance and care.

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