It has always been my dream to be an author. I wrote my first book at nine years old, my first article went viral at 35, and 1 month ago I gained enough self-confidence to published my first novel. These, and more to come, are my heart, my life, my sweat, my fears, my passion, and everything I have learned in this life. Enjoy!
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Broke Open

Broke open is a hero's journey about experiencing trauma, and when left unresolved, it causes serious health issues. It's a memoir of my life. It's a lesson in listening to my guiding spirit and running away to India to find the cure for my health and happiness. It includes a description of many holistic healing modalities, an excellent travel story, and a few practices to incorporate into your life.

When her father went away to prison for being the biggest drug dealer on the east coast and her mother fell into depression. She forgot who she was and believed the lies of others. Sickness almost took her life. She ran away to India to find herself and learned to teach others to do the same.
Psychoneuroimmunology: The study of how the mind is directly related to the body’s health. Affectively how unresolved trauma or beliefs can look in one’s brain and physical overload in a violent shutdown of the physical body.

This most recent podcast talks more in-depth about Broke Open

India is not the moon

This colorful book tells the truth on how to travel to India. It gives survival tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and have a great trip without compromising one's health and safety. It contains valuable information on what to bring with you while traveling and how to travel within the country. The author, LeLa Becker, has graciously added beautiful photography from her trip abroad.

Being a coach is the best feeling in the world. When you can watch a light burst open inside someone, it is nothing short of magnificent. When you see a smile slide across their face. When you can watch them in the world doing and being everything that makes them happy. This is the best reward. Becoming a life coach is easy. Starting a business is a completely different avenue. This book is a compilation of worksheets, pricing structures, contracts, and advice on how to streamline your business.

All the tools needed to become a life coach