Welcome to Naturally LeLa

Naturally LeLa came to me in a dream in 2001. I had been playing with alchemy all my life. I was fortunate to have grown up in a family of witches and alchemists. Amazing people passed down the knowledge of changing material states into something healing. I grew up combining rich oils and butter and infusing them with herbs from our garden. When I officially started selling Naturally LeLa in 2002 I used recipes that were handed down from my ancestors and through meditation, I was able to tap into a universal understanding of excellent bath and beauty products.

In the decade that Naturally LeLa sold to the public, we received an amazing loyal group of customers. It is these customers that have craved the return of Naturally LeLa products. After a hideous to travel the world and learn more about natural healing, I have decided to start selling Naturally LeLa products again. I am excited to infuse the holistic and energy medicine knowledge that I have obtained from around the world into the newly branded, newly energized, new Naturally LeLa company.

We have always been a good karma company. We only use the highest quality and certified organic ingredients. We have never tested on animals, only volunteer hippies. And, all of our products are always made with a clear head after meditation in a devotional state of mind. Naturally LeLa products are made with love, good energy,
and your health in mind.

It's great to be back. Enjoy!

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