Reprogram your mind and FINALLY live a happy and healthy life

Its time to step into your soul's purpose!

Do you spend your days wondering if there is something more? Have you ever wanted to do or be something but the little voice in your head stops you? Do you feel sick? tired? lonely? Are you down on yourself? or have you lost your creative connection with spirit and you don't know how to get it back? Do you wonder what your purpose is on this earth?

Mind Over What Matters is a step-by-step program that is ancient vedic knowledge combined with modern neuroscience to show you how to reprogram your mind to let go of limiting beliefs, increase positive flow in the body to reduce physical pain, and gain confidence to start living a life that makes you happy and healthy!

The Truth is...

If you continue to fight against the energy currents of life then vital channels in the mind and body will get clogged with negative programming and eventually you will start to feel STUCK!

Most people don't even know that they are pushing through life in a flight or fight state, breathing in short and shallow breaths, creating havoc on their central nervous systems, and muting their connection to their true inner guidance systems.

But it's not your fault!

We have been taught to fight, push, and strive at any cost to get through this life. This creates a society of people that are angry, tired, unhappy, stuck, and unfulfilled. We should have been taught that if we relax, let go, and flow with the natural energetic systems of our bodies and the world in which we live then we would be more open to receive abundance, blessings, gratitude, health, and happiness.

Most people have been taught that they "should" live in a certain way. Unfortunately, the soul and our inner guidance systems crave to live in a different way. Your inner guidance systems want you to be happy. Your body is designed to flood the body with uplifting neurochemicals that make you feel "alive"! But when we are not being true to our soul's purpose and not allowing those neurochemicals to flush through our body then we feel that there is something missing. That is because there is! We are denying our bodies those much-needed neurochemicals.
Isn't that interesting?
If you want to start making BIG SHIFTS and start living a life of health and happiness, you have to relearn how to breathe, let go, and reprogram your brain, cultivate the confidence to change on a deeper level.

Who this course is really for?

Are you someone who....

  • Is stuck in an unfulfilling life?

  • is craving or dreaming to do or be something but hasn't because of the voice in their heads?

  • is repeating the same story or habits and can't find a way out?

  • needs guidance finding purpose or direction?

  • can't seem to connect with their creative spirit?

  • is in physical pain?

  • is lacking confidence?

  • believes there is something bigger out there?

The Mind Over What Matters Program was developed to....

  • teach you how to rewire neurons with vedic hypnomeditation

  • Identify what is blocking you from living your dreams

  • rewrite the story that you tell yourself

  • learn to relax and gain the confidence to accept your alignment with your conscious vision

  • release blocked energy from the body

  • discover self-worth, confidence, strength, and purpose

  • learn tools to flush the happy neurochemicals into the body

  • provide you with tools that you can take away and continue to use to create a happy and healthy life.

Mind Over What Matters.png

The good news is.....

I'm going to show you how to relax your body, reprogram your mind on a neurological level, gain clarity on your vision of your best life, and provide tools to rid yourself of negative programming so that you can SHIFT to a life that is full of purpose and where you are happy and healthy....What do you say?

This isn't just a program about letting go and relaxing into your true self....it's a TRANSFORMATION PROCESS.

In this program, you're going to learn....

  • principles of anatomy and physiology

  • specific asanas for certain ailments and the whole body working as an energetic frequency

  • a brief introduction to neurological and endocrine systems and brain wave activity

  • introspective mental blockages and negative self speech

  • ancient Tri-doshic balancing yoga sequence to release

  • stagnant and blocked energy.

  • ancient vedic walking massage and rivers of energy in the body

  • how to rewrite the stories that keep you feeling stuck

  • traversing negative self-talk

  • reprogramming the brain

  • techniques to flush important neurochemicals into the body

  • tools to feel light, confident, and have a strong sense of self every day

  • how to embody more self-love

  • how to let go of the HOW and trust the Universe

  • and most importantly how to listen and trust your inner guidance systems

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Here's what people are saying!

Let's Break Down Each Week...
Week #1!.jpg

Week 1-Discover

  • Identifying your goals and dreams on a conscious level ("what you think you should be thinking"

  • Discover the story that holds you back from doing or being that dream

  • Rewrite your story

  • Design a plan to release and reset

  • LIVE Breathwork Session

Week #2!.jpg

Week 2-Body and Mind

  • Understand basic principles of anatomy, physiology, neurological systems, the central nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, and the endocrine system

  • Learn specific asanas that release stagnant energy in the body

  • Learn basic neuro linguistic reprogramming language (explore afformations)

  • Learn which physical pains correlate to mental distress

Week #3!.jpg

Week 3-Ancient Healing Practices

  • Learn the basic principles of Ayurveda

  • Learn tri-doshic recipes

  • Discover what dosha you are

  • Learn Vedic Walking Massage

  • Learn to identify "stuck" energy from the body and release physical pain

Week #4!.jpg

Week 4-Moving Meditation & What Matters

  • Practice Tri-doshic Balancing Sequence (yoga)

  • Discover hypnomeditation

  • Theta mind states

Week 5-Self Awareness

Week #5!.jpg
  • After discovering how "stuck" energy can be released, how you can rewire your mind, how you can cultivate confidence, and become more happy.....we revisit the "dreams" and "goals" that you set in

      week 1.

  • We see how they changed. We see if they shifted from head (ego) focused to the heart (inner guidance) focused

  • We rewrite our stories.

  • We create a clear vision to move forward with confidence and pride in ourselves

  • Learn how to recall your energy

  • Discover your Soul's Purpose

  • 1-hr LIVE group Coaching Call

Week #6.jpg

Week 6-Coaching and Clarity

  • Learn how to get back in alignment when you feel uninspired

  • Learn how to step out of the comfort zone

  • Learn how to recognize creative alignment

  • LIVE 1-hour group coaching call

Bonus & Offerings


One of my passions is to encourage my clients to explore all of their desires and passions. There is no such thing as a niche. All the things that light you up should be included in your life. For this reason, I cannot deny my own passions and that is to give. I have been a clinical Alchemist and Herbalist for the past 20 years. And, for taking this course you will receive.........

  • 7-days of my special Ayurvedic Tri-doshic Kitchari Spice Blend with my Kitchari Recipe Card (comes in the mail)

  • An Ayurvedic Eating Guide

  • A Mini Moving Meditation MP3

  • A Full Length Moving Meditation MP3

  • A Mind Over What Whatter Workbook

  • And a Vedic Walking Meditation MP4 and a Guide Sheet

MOWM course.png

This program includes:

  • 6 Transformational Modules

  • PLUS 2 Live Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions and clarify the process

  • 1 Mind Over What Matters Workbook "Identify-Release-Allow"

  • 1 Vedic Walking Massage Guide Book

  • 4 Meditation Recordings

  • 1 LIVE Breathwork Session

  • Gifts, Prizes, Opportunities

  • And oh so much MORE!

"Don't Let the noise of the world drown out the work your soul came here to do"

Money-Back Guarantee

I ask that my clients are committed to the learning process but I do understand that education comes to us when we are ready for it. After the Week 1 module and live session, if you feel like you are not ready to commit to the process, I will refund your full investment.

Just email us with your completed assignments from Week 1 showing that you at least completed the first few assignments, and attended the live session, and ask for a refund.

Send email to lela@foodloveyogahealth.com

Meet your Instructor...

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.16.14 AM.png

I even wrote a book on my experiences and transformation. Check it out!

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"Your book is incredibly vulnerable and open...and amazing! Your writing is beautiful. I absolutely love it. This is what the world needs." - D. Tonkin

Hi, I'm LeLa. Nice to meet you!

I am your guide to health and happiness! And, your inner guidance matchmaker! That's me over there, praying in the Holy Ganges in Rishekesh, India.



Master Traditional Tantra Yoga and Hypnomeditation Teacher

Master Yoga Therapist

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Master Life and Confidence Coach

Ayurveda Therapist

Homeopathic Consultant

Breathwork Facilitator

My soul's purpose on this earth is to guide you to relax into the natural flow of the universe and mend your relationship with your inner guides. My goal is to help you to shed negative self-talk, release energetic blockages, and connect to the feeling of being light, relaxed, creative, and abundant.

I teach what I have experienced. At the age of 35 I became so sick that I was on an oxygen machine and allergic to everything. Doctors couldn't diagnose it but I knew it was because I was living from my authentic self. I was literally dying inside. I moved to India where I discovered Tantra Philosophy, found my personal freedom, and my path to health and happiness.

My life was transformed and I know that my soul's purpose is to help others do the same. Some call me a dream maker, I just believe that if people start living from their hearts then the world would be heaven on earth.

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Let's Recap...

When you join the Mind Over What Matters course, you get...

  • 6 Transformational Modules

  • PLUS 2 Live Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions and clarify the process

  • 1 Mind Over What Matters Workbook "Identify-Release-Allow"

  • 1 Vedic Walking Massage Guide Book

  • 4 Meditation Recordings

  • 1 LIVE Breathwork Session

  • Gifts, Prizes, Opportunities

  • And oh so much MORE!

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So now its time for you to make one of two choices....

Option A:

Do nothing. And,  if you choose to do nothing, then nothing changes.

Option B:

Take inspired action and invest in yourself, now!

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Don't miss out on the chance to transform your body, mind, and soul. You CAN do it!

With the right tools to cultivate confidence, release negative self-talk, directions on the energetic flow of the mind, body, and the universe. And, with the right support, you can transform your life and the lives of others in this world.

So don't waste another minute dreaming about being in your divine timeline. Don't utter the words I'm too old, or I just can't because....


Join me now and make your dreams a reality!

“Whether or not you can never become great at something, you can always become better at it. Don't ever forget that! And don’t say “I’ll never be good”. You can become better! and one day you’ll wake up and you’ll find out how good you actually became.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson