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Many people will jump out of bed, rush to get dressed, rush through the day, even then rush into a power yoga class. Push through the class, push and struggle to get all the things done that they think they need to do, then rush home, make a fast meal, eat it quickly, and pass out with a stomach ache and their shoulders hurting.

When if fact if they just took 15 mins first thing in the morning to relax into the day, let go of what they think needs to happen, and jump into the energetic river of the flow of that day. They would see that they would be able to achieve more things, with efficiency and grace. Stress would be reduced and happiness would bubble to the surface.

Every top millionaire in the world attributes their success to a quick morning meditation. Isn't that inspiring? You can easily move into your highest happiness and most functioning self with a simple 15-minute meditation.

Download the MP3, try it for 14 days and see how you are more able to attract the things and life that you deserve.

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Weekly Mind Body Connection Tips

Did you know that the kidneys are our filtration systems? So, if you are vibing up and making shifts in your reality while filtering out past traumas and negative backstories, then it is important to support your kidneys. Also, the kidneys are located on the lower back. The back supports us to stand up straight-If you have lower back pain- then in a metaphysical sense, you may believe that you do not have enough support in this life.


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