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Mind Over What Matters

2022 is the year of letting go of stress and embracing self-care.


Our bodies are glorious machines and they know how to work well. As my teacher says, “then allow them the work.” Chronic stress is like swimming upstream. If we learn to change directions and flow with the natural balance of our bodies, then everything becomes a lot easier, clearer, and more rewarding.


Embrace your inner God

Divinity Yoga

Divinity Yoga found me in India and I have been obsessed with teaching and practicing it ever since.

It is a yoga class seeped in Traditional Tantra philosophies and theta states of moving meditation. It is where we learn to uncover our strength not through power poses but through self-confidence and knowing where our bodies are in this world. We learn to take up space and cultivate the guiding connection between our physical form and spirit.

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Tri-Doshic Balancing and Moving Meditaiton

Traditional Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is more of meditation than yoga. It allows us to release trapped emotions and stuck beliefs with elongated breathing practices and the option to hold poses for as little or as long as you would like.

It is a practice of 36 asanas that are designed to use pressure and release to physically flow nourishing blood and relaxing hormones through the body.

This is a practice of acceptance of where we are and where we would like to go with ease. It can be tailored to as gentle or as powerful as you would like. No matter which you choose it teaches us to move with ease and complete relaxation.

A Gathering:
The Collective

Group Mindset Coaching

Magic happens when we come together.

Monthly group coaching happens over the phone.

This is group coaching based on the philosophies of Traditional Tantra Yoga and Hypno Meditation.

Unlock your power and release what is holding you back in this life. Support each other and learn to coach others.

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Slip out of the day

One Day Retreat

This special retreat only happens twice a year. It is a gathering of like-minded souls that crave to use all-natural ingredients to create a spa day. You will learn about what you can use right out of your kitchen to create luxurious and effective beauty products. In this class, we learn to relax and embody beauty.