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"I rescued 3 kittens that over days became very weak due to flea bites. My first thought was to take them to a traditional vet. The kittens were tested for possible type of cat parvo (negative), dewormed and given fluids due to being dehydrated. I noticed that they continued to have gastrointestinal issues and it was not going away even with the dropper I was given at the vet to stop the diarrhea. I immediately contacted Stephen whom responded to me within minutes. This meant a lot to me as it was the weekend. He recommended Cat Longevity for these kittens. I purchased the program and immediately after 12 hours of giving them the products as directed, I noticed a shift in behavior and no more diarrhea, only soft stool. The kittens enjoyed the flavor of the products as I mixed it with the type of food suggested as well. It has been a week since I began giving the products to my kittens and they are now gaining weight, more playful, and with no diarrhea. This means everything to me because I could have lost these kittens without this program. Thank you Vitality Science and Stephen!"

If you have a brand new kitten they could be experiencing a wealth of health issues or have an underlying health issue in which you are not aware. Give your kitten the best chance to a healthy and happy life.

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