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Welcome to the 7 day challenge

Becoming Aware

Welcome to your 7-day Challenge! There is a reason that you have made this step and accepted this challenge. If you are anything like I used to be you are probably living a double life. What I mean by this is you wake up every morning and do the actions that you are supposed to do meanwhile dreaming that you should be doing something else. This is your inner guides trying to nudge you towards your true soul's purpose. When you are fully living in your purpose you are not thinking about anything else because the frequency that you are on is correct. It is only when we have a disconnect, or an internal struggle between the head and the heart, we feel torn.

This class is designed to not only identify what exactly is that soul's purpose, but also to release what is holding you back from fully stepping into your soul's purpose, and to gain self-confidence to move forward into the frequency that was designed specifically for you by the divine.

For the next 7 days you will need:

  • A designated notebook and pen

  • A yoga mat or a comfortable and quiet space on the floor

  • A yoga strap, or a belt, or a scarf

  • A yoga block or a thick pillow

  • Access to your computer or phone for 7 days.

Technically we start the challenge tomorrow but I wanted to offer some gifts and a small lesson to help train your brain to activate the right energy frequencies in your body.

Bonus Lesson 1: Soak

Humans are excellent at hacking life. We register, process, and compartmentalize information in a split of a second to move on to the next thing that we must do to make it through a day. This reserves energy and increases productivity. But if we are walking a path of self-awareness we have to learn how to override the lifehack. I call this "soaking" and I have two exercises that will help you become more familiar with it.

I am Happy I am Healthy I am Wealthy I am Secure I am Worthy I am Positive I am Blessed I


I invite you to either download or screenshot the picture on the right. Then, make it the background picture for the 'lock screen' on your phone. You can change it after this week. But, for this week, I would like you to explore this exercise.

Once it is on your phone, every time you look or grab your phone, this picture will show up. Because we look at our phones in split-second intervals I would like for you to be aware of which 'I am' statement you see first.

Take just a few seconds to allow that statement to soak in. Allow yourself the opportunity to accept that statement into your cells. And then you can move on.

If anything comes up when you see this statement or when you are allowing it to soak in please take a moment to jot it down in your designated notebook. Any feeling, statement, memory, anything. Please write it down without judgment. We will come back to it.

This is important. For this challenge to work you must leave judgment at the door. You must be completely honest with yourself and what comes up over the next week. No one will ever see it unless you allow it. You will not be graded on it. This is your self-work. It is a way of getting a basis of what stories float in your head. It is so beneficial for the work we will be doing.


I think that we are all very aware when we see triple numbers or angels codes. So, let's take this to a soaking level. Either screenshot or download the picture to the right to have for a reference. Now the next time you see a triple number you can a reference in which frequency it holds. Here's the lesson try to remember what was going through your head or what you were doing just a split second before you saw the numbers. This is your key to recognizing the frequency in which that thought brought you to and then allowing you to see the codes.

This is actually harder than one would think. Our brains are

processing 4 billion bits of information every second. And, because we are only humans and not supercomputers we are only aware of

2 thousand of them. The brilliance to acknowledge is just because we haven't processed them doesn't mean we did not experience them.

This could take some practice to remember or be aware of a thought that was once simply fleeting but when recognized has meaning.

Once you learn this tool it could be very helpful in fully stepping into the energy in which we can live out our soul's purpose.

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Ok. We start tomorrow. Please check your email every day for instructions on the next steps to take toward your soul's purpose. If you have any questions or technical difficulties along the way. Please contact me at

Peace Peace Peace,