Welcome to Day 4

Rewrite your story

Today I would like for you to get out your notebook and flip to a fresh sheet of paper. Place the notebook by your side.

Press play on the meditation below

And then click the video below that for further instructions

Answer the following questions without much thought. Dont allow more than 10 minutes to complete

1) Pretend you are near the end of your life. What would you need to do, be, or experience in order to consider your life to be one of fulfillment or one with few or no regrets?

2) What is your dream job?

3) How do you envision your perfect relationship with a partner?

4) What is your favorite word today?

5) What is your least favorite word today?

6) You are going to be leaving for a desert island, for four months, today. All your food, shelter, and clothing needs are taken care of. What are five items that you bring with you?

7) You have just won 50 million dollars in the state lottery. What do you do with it?

8) If I were to interview your family and your close friends what would they say your greatest strength is?

9) How do you feel about the word selfish?

10) What is your superpower? and if you don't have a superpower what do you think you would like it to be?

11) Do you currently have any physical pain? If so, do you remember what happened to make it start hurting and how does it affect your everyday life?

Write on the top of the page, with the questions from today, SUBCONSCIOUS QUESTIONS.

Flip back to the questions that we answered on day 2. Write at the top of that page CONSCIOUS QUESTIONS

Tear out the conscious questions and lay them side by side with the subconscious questions

Review your questions. They are the same then put an X through them on both sheets of paper. If they are different, then circle them. If there are no differences then I would suggest going back and doing a few more days of tantra yoga and then come back and redo these subconscious questions.

Pick one question that is calling to you in this moment. The one that looks a little more highlighted. This is the one that the "hive mind" wants you to work on today.

Now, look at that question. Go back to when that story was created for you that made a blockage appear that allowed you to create the excuse to keep moving forward with this desire or way of life.

You can now rewrite your story in the way that you think it should be. Pretend like you are writing a play. Make it a story that makes you feel free of that blockage that was created.

Where did this story come from? was this story? is this a true story?

Once your story is written read it every day before you go to bed at night and when you wake up. If you do this for 21 days your brain will start to believe that this is true. Then, you will be able to circumnavigate the blockage.