Welcome to Day 3

Practice Practice Practice
Today we are practicing The Traditional Tantra Yoga and Meditation Tri-doshic Balancing sequence

Take out your mat. Make sure to have a block or a pillow, a strap or a scarf, a quiet space, and a designated time of 90 minutes to complete this part of the class. Have your notebook and pen nearby to write down anything that comes up after this practice or anything that you would like to take note of after completing this sequence.

Play the video

After finishing the practice and writing down your thoughts you can scroll down and check out the Frequently Asked Questions of this series

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      So you hated Tantra? 

We get it. We all started there. Unfortunately, it is a cultural misunderstanding of modern day yoga. This flier will hopefully shed some light on some questions you might have about this practice.


  • Why was I so bored? 

You must ask yourself what are you looking for? If you are looking for entertainment, distraction, and approval we do not offer that. 


  • Why was it so repetitive?

When our central nervous system knows what is coming next then the body can fully relax. There is also a very precise metaphysical reason for the order of the asanas to balance the entire body. 


  • Why was is so slow?

It is so we can intuitively relax. Speediness keeps the mind active, we are dropping the conscious mind. Once you slow down the balancing of prana starts to happen.


  • Why was there no music?

Music would be a distraction. Only the beginner needs to be entertained and run away from oneself. If you love yourself, then you should be with yourself.


  • Why should I close my eyes?

Closing our eyes allows us to drop the sensory world then we can get to the unchanging reality that is your inner self, and that could be something substantial that we can build a life on.


  • Why do the teachers sound like robots?

The instruction is like a mantra. The teachers are in meditation. It is a very precise and subconscious meaning. Practicing and teaching the asanas culture the subconscious mind. 


  • Why don’t the teachers touch/correct me?

We are allowing you to grow up and not need external affirmation, that way one can sense the posture within, instead of constantly being told what to do from external sources.


  • Why is there no sex?

Tantra is a system that cultivates love. We practice a moving meditation that allows you to drop all conscious thought and to be in the present moment. Over time and with much practice one can achieve a constant state of relaxation and bliss. This cultivation makes everything in life, including sex, incredible.

If you have any other questions about Tantra please contact me and I will respond quickly.

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