Welcome to Day 1

Conscious Answers
Do not take more than 10 minutes to answer these questions. Write down whatever is your first response. Hold no judgments on your answers. These questions are just for you.

Today's Questions:

1) Pretend that you are near to the end of your life, and you are looking back, what would you have needed to do, be, and experience in order to consider your life to be one of fulfillment or of very few regrets?

2) What is your favorite word?

3) What is your least favorite word?

4) You are about to spend 4 months alone on a desert island, where all of your food, shelter, and clothing needs will be taken care of, what are 5 items that you will bring with you?

5) What is your favorite song? or favorite genre of songs?

6) You have just won $50 million in the state lottery. What do you do with it?

7) If I were to interview your family or closest friends what would they say your greatest strengths were?

8) How do you feel about the word selfish?

9) What is your superpower? and if you cannot think of one what would you like your superpower to be?

10) Do you have any physical pain currently? If you do when did it start? Do you remember what happened to make it start hurting? And, how does it affect your everyday life?
*If you do not have any pain that great and you can just leave this question blank.
Check your email tomorrow and we will begin again