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If you are anything like I used to be you are probably living a double life. What I mean by this is you wake up every morning and do the actions that you are supposed to do meanwhile dreaming that you should be doing something else. This is your inner guides trying to nudge you towards your true soul's purpose. When you are fully living in your purpose you are not thinking about anything else because the frequency that you are on is correct. It is only when we have a disconnect, or an internal struggle between the head and the heart, we feel torn.

This Mind Over What Matters 7 day challenge is a look into how to IDENTIFY your soul's purpose, RELEASE what holds you back, and exercises that help you to cultivate CONFIDENCE to live a life that only your soul understands.

Are you ready?

The truth is....

You always have a choice. You can either continue on as you have always done. Wake up, go to a job that is unfulfilling, dream of doing or being something, not do that thing, go home, make dinner, clean up, go to sleep, and wake up the next day just to do it all over again. And, again. And, again.


You can join me for the next 7 days and really get to the bottom of your internal struggle. You can figure things out. Get to the core root of the stories that you tell yourself. You know the ones that keep you from stepping into the life that you have always dreamed.

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You are special!

You are tapped into a force that continues to nudge you towards your soul's purpose! You must learn to trust your guides, let go of the old way of living, and step fully into a life that you were supposed to live!

This is your chance

If you want to start making BIG SHIFTS and start living a life of health and happiness, you have to relearn how to breathe, let go, reprogram your brain, and cultivate the confidence to change on a deeper level.

Who is this course really for?

Are you someone who....

  • Someone that realizes that you are repeating the same story and habits over and over again?

  • knows the universe is testing you but you can seem to pass the life lesson?

  • is wanting to find a way to bring your dream life into your reality?

  • is wondering what the universe is trying to tell you?

  • is not as happy as you could be?

  • is not as confident as you could be?

  • is someone who wants to let go of the negative voice in their head but doesn't know how?

New Year Celebrations

This 7-day challenge was designed to...

  • Teach you how to identify your dreams, goals, and/or purpose on this earth

  • Remove and reprogram the little voice in your head that has been stopping you all these years

  • Release blocked energy from the body and mind

  • Give you tools, tips, and tricks to use even after the challenge is over

  • Start you on a path of introspective change from within

  • Give you the power to change the trajectory of your life in real-time.

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The good news is...

I'm going to show you how to identify, remove, and clarify your goal and dream life. I am going to give you tools to rid yourself of negative programming and negative self-talk so that you can shift the trajectory of your life. Most importantly so you can accomplish your goals and live a life that is full of purpose.

What do you say?

This challenge is more than journaling, meditation, yoga, dreaming, and clarity in your best life..... it's a TRANSFORMATION PROCESS!

In this challenge, you're going to learn...

  • How to perform introspective exercises to release mental blockages

  • How to reframe negative self-talk

  • How to reprogram the brain

  • How to change the trajectory of your timeline

  • How to rewrite stories that keep you feeling stuck

  • How to gain more confidence

  • How to cultivate more happiness

  • How to clarify your vision and goals

  • How to embody more self-love

  • Tri-doshic Balancing tantra yoga sequence

  • How to let go of the HOW and trust the Universe

  • How to listen, trust, and decode messages from your inner guides

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What people are saying!

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Nicholas G

I never thought I could have this job. It truly feels like a dream. Thank you for leading me there!

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Tonya Madia, Author

"I want to thank LeLa Becker for the encouragement to become a yoga teacher" - Acknowledgements in her book Living the Intuitive Life

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One of the most inspiring humans I know. Oprah, thanks for the pavement but it’s time for a new queen

This program includes:

  • 4 Interactive transformative exercises

  • 3 meditation MP3

  • 1 Tri-doshic Balancing Tantra Yoga Sequence MP3

  • an invitation to join The Collective: a group coaching once a month meetup (online)

  • An opportunity to step into your soul's purpose

"It's okay to live a life others don't understand"

Money-Back Guarantee

I ask that my clients are committed to the learning process but I do understand that education comes to us when we are ready for it. After the day 2 email, if you feel like you are not ready to commit to the process, I will refund your full investment.

Just email us with your completed assignments from days 1 & 2 showing that you at least completed the first few assignments and ask for a refund.

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Meet your instructor...
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I even wrote a book on my experiences and transformations
Check it out!
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Hi, I'm LeLa. Nice to meet you!

I am your guide to health and happiness! And, your inner guidance matchmaker! That's me over there, praying in the Holy Ganges in Rishekesh, India.



Master Traditional Tantra Yoga and Hypnomeditation Teacher

Master Yoga Therapist

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Master Life and Confidence Coach

Ayurveda Therapist

Homeopathic Consultant

Breathwork Facilitator

My soul's purpose on this earth is to guide you to relax into the natural flow of the universe and mend your relationship with your inner guides. My goal is to help you to shed negative self-talk, release energetic blockages, and connect to the feeling of being light, relaxed, creative, and abundant.

I teach what I have experienced. At the age of 35 I became so sick that I was on an oxygen machine and allergic to everything. Doctors couldn't diagnose it but I knew it was because I was living from my authentic self. I was literally dying inside. I moved to India where I discovered Tantra Philosophy, found my personal freedom, and my path to health and happiness.

My life was transformed and I know that my soul's purpose is to help others do the same. Some call me a dream maker, I just believe that if people start living from their hearts then the world would be heaven on earth.

"Your book is incredibly vulnerable and open...and amazing! Your writing is beautiful. I absolutely love it. This is what the world needs." - D. Tonkin

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 “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

- Walt Disney