Hi, I'm LeLa. Nice to meet you!

I am your guide to health and happiness! And, your inner guidance matchmaker!



Master Traditional Tantra Yoga and


Hypnomeditation Teacher

Master Yoga Therapist

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Master Life and Confidence Coach

Ayurveda Therapist

Homeopathic Consultant

Breathwork Facilitator

My soul's purpose on this earth is to guide you to relax into the natural flow of the universe and mend your relationship with your inner guides. My goal is to help you to shed negative self-talk, release energetic blockages, and connect to the feeling of being light, relaxed, creative, and abundant.

I teach what I have experienced. At the age of 35, I became so sick that I was on an oxygen machine and allergic to everything. Doctors couldn't diagnose it but I knew it was because I was living from my authentic self. I was literally dying inside. I moved to India where I discovered Tantra Philosophy, found my personal freedom, and my path to health and happiness.

My life was transformed and I know that my soul's purpose is to help others do the same. Some call me a dream maker, I just believe that if people start living from their hearts then the world would be heaven on earth.


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I even wrote a book on my journey and transformation check it out!

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"Your book is incredibly vulnerable and open...and amazing! Your writing is beautiful. I absolutely love it. This is what the world needs." - D. Tonkin

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