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To step into the role of an Alchemist is extremely empowering.

To cultivate the ability, and to call in your God-given powers, while harnessing the energies of the universe, is a great achievement.

To be taught to manifest healing elixirs, skin, and soul medicine is a power unlike anything else. Bringing your magic into your creations is a natural way of health.

Within these monthly boxes holds the secret to the expression of your magic. These boxes will guide you to create extraordinary natural, organic, and sustainable alchemic products for you, your family, and your friends. 

Beauty Inside and Out
What's inside the box?

Receive a monthly delivery of organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients, jars and bottles, and a customized label. Complete instruction on how to create your own bath, beauty, and spiritually uplifting products.

How does it work?

Once a month you will receive a mystery box of ingredients complete with instructions to create 1-2 natural products. The box will contain everything you need including personalized labels that can be used as gifts or just showing off your work to guests and friends. 

Payments are applied every month. Cancel at any time.

What is Naturally LeLa?

Naturally LeLa is the manifestation of a co-creation with my spirit. This is my story: I have always been fascinated by alchemy. I grew up desiring to have the ability to blend silky butter, fresh beeswax, wildflowers, grey Irish sea salts, precious metals, and elements of the universe to create effective and decadent remedies for the mind, body, and soul. 


My name is LeLa Becker, and in the winter of 2002, I created Naturally LeLa: an organic, all-natural bath and beauty company. This vision manifested in a closet in my small studio apartment in Chicago, IL. Since then, I have developed my passion for harnessing the energies of the universe. Using this power for good, health, and happiness. 

In 2021 I opened Appalachia Wild Apothecary. A collection of all my passions for alchemy. I feel empowered in the knowledge of knowing how to naturally heal inside and out. I want to extend this knowledge and empowerment to you. I am so glad that you are taking this journey with me.

 If you have any questions along the way please feel free to reach out. I am here for you. 

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Products that I may receive?

+Natural Soaps (Goats Milk or Vegan)

+Lip Balms

+Bath Salts


+Body Fragrance



+Body Butters



+Massage Oil


Aromatic Oil

What is the benefit of making my own products?

It is best to either purchase products from a small company or make them yourself. The reason is that everything is energy and you want to make sure that the best energy is transferring into your products. That energy is then captured in the jar and transferred onto you. Most large companies produce such a high volume of products that products are mixed by machines. There is no love, no positivity, no magic. Naturally LeLa alchemists only create products after meditating. We only allow good energy into our doors. This really shines through in our products and to the client. And, in the Alchemy Boxes.

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Bath Salts and Soap
Bath Salts and Soap
Bath Salts and Soap
Bath Salts and Soap

Welcome to

The Alchemy Experience