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Write in Abundance!

"Lela speaks to you like a best friend full of insight. She is warm, welcoming, supportive, and makes you feel heard.

No dream is "ridiculous" to her - she truly wants everyone to live a life they are passionate about, no matter what that looks like, and being around that kind of energy allowed for such a safe space to unfold in front of her during our session together."

-Susan P. Seattle, Wa

This is my favorite challenge because it uses scientifically proven methods and practices to reframe stuck neuropathways to make room for real change!

I geek out on Neuroscience and I love to teach and apply it to self-empowerment practices such as this class.

In this class you will....

  • Recieve an email with detailed instructions for 3 days

  • Receive a daily encouraging text reminder

  • Receive a link for a meditation or journal prompt every day in 2022

  • Receive an invite to join a zoom meeting every three months

  • Receive clarity on your goals and prosperity for an abundant new year

Open yourself to receive

Healing Modalities: Neuroscience, Meditation, Journaling

When: Wednesday, December 29, 2022

Where: Emailed to you each day

Energy Exchange: $333

Payment plans are available. Contact me

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Guide to Journaling, Ritual, and Mindset for a Soul Purposed 2022

Taught by LeLa Becker

LeLa Becker is a constant student and forever teacher of Traditional Tantra Yoga and Meditation. She is a master of subconscious hypnosis and rewiring of the thoughts. She is the author of Broke Open, a memoir about falling in love with yourself. A mindset coach, lead alchemist behind Naturally LeLa and The Alchemy Experience, and Holistic
Health Therapist at Food Love Yoga Health.

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